A Darkened Era

A Darkened Era


A Darkened Era is a Heavy Metal band hailing from Little Rock, AR. ADE is heavy on groove, blistering riffs, and brutal vocals. We try to portray a positive attitude with a focus on strength and the power to overcome.


The band started with the hopes of playing shows with the many talented local bands in Little Rock, Arkansas. We have been heavily influenced by Lamb of God, Behemoth and Unearth among many others. ADE is a powerful, skilled, and hard working band looking to take Little Rock by storm.


Demo available online. www.myspace.com/adarkenedera
Darkest Hour.
Temper My Broken Soul

Set List

We currently have a 30 minute set with 7 songs. We can extend our set based on the time needed.
Darkest Hour
Your Chosen Misery
Mercy Fades
Awaken the Nightmare
Blacken Thy Heart
Crimson Mask
Let the Chaos Reign