A Dark Tomorrow

A Dark Tomorrow


We're a new breed of metal. Thrash/hardcore all in one little tight group.


We're 4 guys who love metal. We all got together
to play the music we love and just go out and have fun with it. Some of our influences, are Slayer, Anthrax, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Old Metallica, Kiss, Alice in chains. We are a band thats fans of the music. So you'll see us in the pit along side everyone eles. We also love talking to the fans. Lets face it with out themwe wouldn't be able to do this.


Our 1st cd is almost done. We have a rough mix of our 1st song A Dark Tomorrow on our my space site. In march we will be going on a us tour with open grave records. so that will be fun.

Set List

right now we have about a 30 min set.
1: A Dark Tomorrow
2: Victum of hatered
3: Dead Asleep
4: Lost
5: Frustration
6: Soon to be dead
7:Slave stick
8: Capacity 666