A Day for Kites

A Day for Kites


"Kerri Carisse has a great singing voice, fall of nuance and maturity the belies her relatively young age (23). It's a seductive and beguiling piece of work. The sound forges a line between many genres. From folk, to rock, and even a bit of electronica."


The band originated while Kerri attended Queen's university in Kingston, Ontario. There she recorded some musical and lyrical ideas on her computer. She then met fellow Queen's students, Adam Bell and Nick Kaars-sijpesteijn. Together they formed A Day for Kites, and began recording in the summer and fall of 2005. In 2006 they released their self-titled album and have been playing shows in Kingston and Toronto since. This year will be the band's final year at Queen's university. They plan to move to toronto and begin their plan for world domination.


a day for kites (2006)

Set List

the king of bora bora
the bomb
longitudal blast
the cave
bobby pin
communist cowboy