a day Late

a day Late


a day Late is Savage Gardens meets Vertical Horizon with their catchy, meaningful lyrics and memorable hooks. a day Late fills each and every fan with a one on one experience with their high energy shows.


A Day Late formed in 2004 with their strong melodies and meaningful lyrics. A Day Late is a four-piece acoustic pop rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Josh Neugebauer, Koury Johnson, Eric Burgstrom, and Aaron Ellis came together from very unique and diverse life styles.

Josh grew up listening to music that varies from mo town tunes to country to blues to rock. From this he has learned how to put together strong melodies that leaves the audience walking away humming their tunes.

Koury was raised in a strong church environment. Playing drums from the time he could walk, Koury has played with many Gospel groups. Influenced by gospel and soul, his diverse beats shine through.

Eric is heavily influenced by jazz. With his upbeat and smooth moving bass riffs, each and every song becomes complete.

Aaron is heavily influenced my rock. With Aarons edgy guitar riffs and strong harmonies, each and every song, and performance becomes a whole.

A Day Late has played and worked with artists and groups such as Joe Hedges; MCA recording artist July for Kings; Estes recording artist The Season; Geffen recording artist Chris August; Lunic and independent artist, Billy Carri, all national acts. This has only allowed our passion for music to grow as well as earning a greater respect for music as an art.


a day Late has had two songs released on WXTQ Power 105.5, a Top 40 radio station in Columbus Ohio. In early 2007, a day Late released a 4 song EP.
a day Late is back in the studio creating their second EP between touring.

Set List

Goodbye Yesterday
100 miles
Leaving on a jet plane
Follow me down
Half empty bottle
She says
Back Home to you

a day Late's set usually last between 45min to an hour.