Joliet, Illinois, USA

Heavy guitars, great songs, melodic vocals, female vocalist, big choruses.


Analog Digital Disorder
Today’s audiences are searching for something fresh...something new...something different...A.D.D., from humble Lockport, IL welcomes this challenge and gives rock fans hope of what’s been missing in today’s cookie-cutter world of music. This quintet, led by Margaret Young’s words of real-life’s hopes and failures, covers a cross-section of influences from the 70’s to the present. As heard on their 3 song demo (produced by Tadpole – 3 Doors Down, Disturbed), their mix of lyrical passion and superb musicianship, make for a great recipe for success.

Having played Chicago's finest venues such as: Metro, House of Blues, Pearl Room & Cubby Bear, A.D.D. has created quite a "buzz" around Chicagoland.
A.D.D. has been given the opportunity to open for national acts such as:
• Alter Bridge (Wind-Up)
• Submersed (Wind-Up)
• Dope (Epic)
• Shadows Fall (Century Media)
• Kittie (Artemis)
• Hinder (Universal)
• As I Lay Dying (Metal Blade)
• Remembering Never (Ferret)
• Local H (Studio E)
• Himsa (Prosthetic)
• Unloco (Maverick)
• 40 Below Summer (Reprise)
• Otep (Capital)
• Sponge (Idol)
• SOiL (J-Records)
• E-Town Concrete (Razor & Tie)
• No One (Immortal)
• Lennon (Arista)

A.D.D. is endorsed by:
• Randall Guitar Amps
• Eden Bass Amps
• Dean Guitars
• Coffin Cases
• Dean Markley Strings
• Dunlop Accessories
• Jagermeister Music


19 Minute Attention Span (Hipdisc) - October 2003
Elements of Emptiness - August 2006

Set List

45 min. original set
"Barracuda" by Heart & "Black" by Sevendust are the main covers we perform.