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Feel good music. I don't pride myself on being the best when it comes to metaphors and similes. I can do that but I'd much rather pride myself on being able to connect with people. I have melodic rhymes that touch the soul, heart, and mind. All in a matter of minutes. F.H.E. U-P!


Not often do you find an artist that says he is different and actually be. Most of the time when you hear someone say that in actuality they're not different but rather advanced at what everyone is doing. But the story and music of a a young Andrew Davis, A.d.D., is nothing shorter than unique and amazing. As one critic put it "your shit is just something I haven't heard before. It's like a hip hop soundscape." He doesn't try to be an over the head type of rapper. Instead he plays his part as the known to be class clown in high school to transitioning himself as a serious artist. His growth is his story and music.

Growing up in the mostly middle class Missouri City, TX; Andrew had to find his knack. His father, Houston hip hop legend Big Mello, would always take Andrew with him on tours, studio sessions, car shows, etc. This is where he fell in love with music. Ask him how did it start and he'll say "it never was an epiphany moment, I always knew this is what I wanted to do. I was always around music and its what I know best." His father incouraged him to join band at his middle school. There Andrew played the trombone for 2 years. That is until he got kicked out in 8th grade. Although he knew he would always be involved in music he didn't start writing lyrics until eight grade. His lyrics were mediocre at best during this time. He always had a different flow and delivery than other Houston artists. This can be mostly acredited to the wide gap that was made in hip hop during his freshmen year. "Kanye West had just released College Dropout and I can't front at first I wanted to rap like that so much that I tried to emulate the sound, I was a kid back then." But even with the Kanye swag he still was not satisfied with his sound. He lacked the ability to connect. His metaphors and similies were nice but they didn't connect. So he started branching out even further with his musical taste. It seems as if he just wanted to do it all musically. Just wanting to be himself and do what he felt to be great he found the key to unlocking great music; "just do what you feel is right" rather it be rapping insane with metaphors and similies, to slowing it down and rapping melodically, or just flat out singing.

There was only one more thing to get settled. He didn't like his name. At that time going by Lil Mello he felt as if since he has a new outlook that he should also find an identity for himself. He didn't want his music overshadowed by his then deceased father. He wanted people to like his music not because he was Big Mello's son; but because he was himself. Drawing inspiration from his own name and music taste he came up with A.d.D. Not just focusing on rap but doing whatever he feels is right. This is his story, and all of you will be a witness.


Piece Of Mind

Written By: Andrew Davis (A.d.D.)

I look to find peace of mind
Like its broken down
River weighted and tied up the flow drowned
But if the flow drowned that means the flow wet
Which means im walkin on water
Body is a car without a starter
No need for it my brain turn em over
Head is a gun the brain also is the holster
Mouth is the trigger duck when them words hit nigga
CEO but my chair no bigger than the next man
I try to keep it humble but they misunderstand
My humble opinion as downing on another man
Or another girl but that's a different world
I'm looking for a lisa bonet them different girls
The ones that don't mind being odd in a even world
Cuz I enjoy being odd on a evens turf
U even stevens help which me figure out which ones worst
Being the same as your peers or being hurt
I laugh and then exhert
Your forces didn't work
Swing and miss ya plot didn't make it to first
SIDEBAR: I've seen people carry devils to church
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Single - Dreams Of Touching The Sky, Piece Of Mind

both singles are streaming and available for download.

Set List

I like to keep it a surprise to myself and the fans so I usually don't run with a set line up. Tracks that i make sure i do though are "Dreams Of Touching The Sky", "Piece Of Mind", "Flight", "Lo Lo Mello Flow", and "Spazzmatic Nerd"