Addam Solo

Addam Solo


To describe the music of Addam Solo is to take the raw material of emotion,forge it with a crying flame,and chill each song with the ice of despair and sorrow


Addam Solo smiles at the often asked question of what genre of music he creates." At the beginning, when everything was just a dream, I really did not have a concept of what my music could be classified as." Addam then hesitates a moment, smiles as if enjoying a private joke and continues " Somewhere during the hundreds of rough songs I did, I sort of just combined pop and soul, and started to call it PopSoul. I sort of fought with the idea of being R&B, but there are so many other great R&B artists.I did not want my music to sound like anyone else out there, and I dug into the deepest parts of my soul to find the music that was true to me."

Such a statement tends to spark interest to hear this "unique" music he claims to create, however his debut album gives a wonderful taste of just that. A fresh-faced new comer from Baltimore, Maryland his new album titled "Memoirs" has fans yearning for more. "I poured more than just heart and soul into this album, I forged it from the very burning flames of emotion."

Indeed, an ambitious Solo is determined to have the world hear his music. The emotional and powerful first single "Blood Lies," delves into a dark portion of Solo's most cloudy past. He objects to the pre-conceived notion that blood equals loyalty and trustworthiness. " If blood is thicker than water, why does it run?" Indeed, the hypnotic hook uses a simple cliche,comparing blood to water,and conveys that the difference is little to none. " I have no concept of love or family, its a foreign concept to me."

In actuality, the entire debut album "Memoirs," is an extended story of pain and suffering. There are some uplifting songs as well, but the majority of the full album seems to be an incarnation of pain ripped directly from the young Solo. The second song on his debut album "Just Heartless" seems almost a continuation to Blood Lies, as he seems to be conveying that he can feel no feelings of love or passion for anything. Solo ends his album with the emotional and heartwrenching song titled "Miss You." In this particular song, three separate stories are told about experiencing death, loss and regret. Putting the emotion of this particular song into words, would do it little justice.

Songwriting and music production came naturally to Addam Solo, who produced and wrote his promotional album, and has done the complete production and songwriting for the debut album. "The words to my songs come from a lifetime of pain, and I believe my fans can hear my distress."

Addam Solo lives up to his name. Raised within a household where he felt alone all his life, the torturous environment he grew up in, prevented him from making many friends or indulging in a socially healthy lifestyle. He dubbed himself "Solo" relating to the many years he has never had anyone to call a true friend. Indeed, it is this solitude that fueled his ambition. He explains " When you have been ignored all your life,humiliated, and overlooked, the drive to accomplish something great is almost overwhelming. I don't plan on making music that can only be appreciated for a year, I want to make history.."

The talented vocalist has found his destiny. He joined forces to create the record label "Sololegendary Productions," and plans to stake his claim within the music industry by any means necessary. He found himself increasingly involved in musical events, festivals, and performances. He has created a brand for himself, and plans to market his music internationally. To say that he takes this journey seriously is an understatement.
Will Addam Solo become a legend as his brand name implies? Only time will tell.

-The "Memoirs" album is slated for a Feb 21 2010 release.


Just Heartless

Written By: Addam Solo

Just Heartless-Lyrics

"Wo oh oh oh oh oh"

Verse 1:
" Maybe I'm just, having a bad day,
Maybe I'm just not feeling what you saying. I figured my expression would, turn you away, but oblivious and convicted you stay."

"Listen I, might seem kind of heartless, but you don't understand, I can't feel no emotions and that's just the way I am every good intention I just suck into a void, everything's that's good, I destroy"


"I'm just heartless, heartless, I'm just heartless. Like a black hole, I'm just heartless.I'm just heartless, heartless, I'm just heartless. Like a black hole, I'm just heartless."

Second Verse:
"Okay, so you fell in love with me, I hate to hurt your feelings but I told you from the start, that the devil took my heart. I wish you better than me, I wish you could only see that I'm not the guy you want me to be."

"Listen that, might seem kind of harsh, but you don't understand, I'm the guy you love and then he hurts you in the end. All the love you give to me, will be sucked into a void, our relationship will destroy"

Chorus:(Same as above)
Second Part of 2nd Chorus:

"Like the dead, yeah, yeah, I'm just heartless, like the dead, yea yea, I'm just heartless. Like the living who kill, uh, I'm just heartless. Like a king, I'm just heartless"

"The black hole, it is a void, it sucks away the light, it brings the terror of the night. All love is denied and all emotions cry, there are no stars that are bright, and you cringe at the sight"

Verse 3:
"I close my eyes and look through the eye of my mind, because the flashing white teeth, and the lies and deceit, can be so blinding to me, and then I open my eyes, and see the fakeness of that smile and that's no good for me."

" And I know that might seem hard, but you don't understand, let that man get beside you and that's just the way it ends, everything you worked for will be sucked into a void, everything you had is destroyed"

Outro Chorus:
"Heartless, like a warrior, I'm just heartless, like a killer , I'm just heartless, ain't got no pulse,just heartless, cant pump no blood , cuz I'm heartless, like the dead, I'm just heartless, like a ghost, I'm just heartless, like a king I'm just heartless, I'm just heartless yea"


Written By: Addam Solo


Verse 1:
" I think I know, what it is that you want when you turn around. You say hello, then you turn and walk away as if you never made a sound. Don't walk away, there is so much that we could talk about yea, I come from the south yea, there's no need for doubt, and no need for rushing, girl sit right now, lets stop all that blushing yea, lets have a discussion yea, and why do you make me wanna say"

Chorus 1:
"Girl I think, that you're the finest thing I've ever seen. Girl I think that you're the finest thing I've ever seen.

Verse 2:
"I won't believe this theory, you don't got no proof, don't show me, I like living in her embrace, yea. But what's this you saw her talking, to some other dude and laying in his arms no no no, yea. Get out of my heart, nothing was supposed to tear us a part, I can not deal with this, this is too hard. And the pain, it comes and goes but never goes away, it never goes away, and it hurts my heart to say"

Chorus 2:
"Girl I know, that you're the devil in the angel's clothes, no, no , no no, girl I know, that you're the devil in the angel's clothes,now I know. And now I see, that you were not the right girl for me, I never thought that I could hurt so deep, because you were not the right girl for me"

"There is so much that I'm feeling. I feel like the heart is nothing but a demon. I feel like the flame is what my soul is breathing. I wanna live, but I can't find a reason. If this is love, understand, I don't want no part of it, if this is trust, then it seems like it's a punishment."

Chorus 3:
" You took my heart, you took my life, and then you tore it apart. You took my, you took my hear, you took my everything apart"

Miss You

Written By: Addam Solo

Miss You-Lyrics

"Sometimes, you just just wish you could go back, and spin the hands of time"

Verse 1:
"Aint seen each other for a while, it's been far too long, to make excuses up now. I know. I should have been a better friend. Maybe should have visited a little bit more, but I guess its too late for that now, now im standing at your stone. It says on the stone, you was a good man, you lived from 1960 to 1999 and I dont know how you lived, that makes me feel so bad. Maybe I should have been better. Should have been a thicker part of your life. Maybe I should have been integrated. Maybe.

"I'll never know now, will I, I'll never know now, shall I. I'll never know what could have been, I'll never know what, we could have been, I could have never known your name. I wish I never knew your name. It would take away this pain. While I'm standing in this rain."

Verse 2:

"Hello, its mommy and daddy, we never got to know your name. You were only 3 months along, when we took your life away. Back then, we were both in a hard place in our lives. We never really wanted to do it. Please believe us it's no lie. And you never had the honor of a tombstone, so we made one in our minds. It says January till march, 2009, and we bought you a pair of clothes, maybe you'll need it where you go. Maybe your already and angel, maybe.

Chorus: (repeat)

(I miss you, I miss you, I miss you)

Verse 3:

In my childhood you were cold as ice, so I kinda forgot that you were even alive. Those kinds of wounds don't heal easy with the time, you kinda gotta forget and block it out of your mind. But then I heard that you weren't feelin so good. I came as fast as I could. But I just arrived too late. You had already passed away, maybe with the last few years we had. I could have finally had my dad. We could have possibly worked things out. Maybe.


Outro(I miss you , I miss you)

"Everybody, if you could feel this song, just put your hands together, wave them in the air. And sing along. Cmon. uh, you feel that? Its feeling real good in here right now. Just let your soul reach out. Everybody misses somebody. Keep it goin, dont lose the feeling right now. You too deep into it. Just keep singing.Yeah, this is one of those, soul searchers right here. All you gotta do, is just keep singing and dont lose the feeling. Right now, your soul is crying out, to whoever you miss. Just say. You ain't even gotta hold a tune you know, just say it, yell it, scream it if you want to. But just keep those hands up. Wherever you at. This is one of those "ooh nannies" in the words of the famous Sam Cooke. Father of soul. one of my biggest influences. Sam Cooke I miss you too. You died too early man. 1960 is far too early. Everybody I miss everybody who died to early, i miss you so much.


Just Heartless
Miss You
Blood Lies

Set List

Opening Song: Roar
Second Song: What is This
Third Song: Blood Lies
Outro Song: Just Heartless
30 minute sets.