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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Record Of The Day"

"Addeboy Vs Cliff are a house duo that have been described as the Swedish answer to Basement Jaxx and Daft Punk with a bit of Cassius and Justice added to good effect. Fine House is in line with with an electro style that works for radio over here in particular, so it´s little wonder that UK labels are expressing interest".

Thursday 26 July 2007 - website


"Airwaves" released 2006 on various compilations.
"Fine House" featuring Anthony Mills released as a single digitally and licensed to certain parts of the world Aug 2007. Album to be released early 2008.

Addeboy Vs Cliff also produced the summerhit-single "They Wanna Know" from up-and-coming rapsensation Adam Tensta and are also responsible for the follow-up "My Cool" out early this fall...



Somewhere in a midwinter night of Umeå, the northern capital of Sweden, we find a young man sitting by the dim light of his computer. On his desk lies a copy of Chinese Falun Gong. Behind him, a set of golfclubs. Through his headphones we can hear a thumping sound, almost like a beat. He is a fully trained soundengineer and he is truly passionate about the challenge of musical voyage and musical development.
He is Addeboy.
Through the backpiece of his computer run various cables; some to loudspeakers, synthesizers and mixers. But more importantly, there is one cable, a thicker one, a mothercord that runs all the way along the borders of the room, through the hallway and through a hole in the outer wall, out into the staircase.
Where does it lead? Versus what?
In the opposite flat we find another young man sitting by his computer with his headphones pumping. Scattered all around him are halfempty cans of snus and a couple of shabby drumsticks. He is equipped with the equivalent electronical gear as his neighbour. Being friends since adolescence, cooperating in the same bands ever since, they are in many ways alike. Only, this young man is a future engineer of technical physics. His passion for music - and for the creation of it - lies simply in the joy and satisfaction that it brings. That´s it.
He is Cliff Hancock.
However, in this silent night when we find these young men connected through a wire, they are not collaborating in musical process. They are battling, one on one. The thumping sounds from their headphones are the sounds of them blasting each other up in the computergame formally known as Quake. They are "human, after all".
They are Addeboy vs Cliff.

Addeboy Vs Cliff cannot be described, just experienced and with their many influences and total disrespect for rules in the art of making music they will rule the scene in years to come… Already getting a MAINSTREAM SINGLE OF THE WEEK review in Update, getting a RECORD OF THE DAY review a few weeks ago, being compared to Eric Prydz, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx and Cassius, getting invited to play at the CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK in 2008 and featured on countless compilations worldwide the final album is just around the corner…
Join the ride early on… it will be a bumpy one…