Busey Teeth (formerly Addiction To Nixon)

Busey Teeth (formerly Addiction To Nixon)


Our music grabs you by the balls and then slams you into a wall. It makes any sane person want to rip their skin off and scream for the sheer thrill of it.


We have recently decided on a name change and we're going with Busey Teeth.

Addiction To Nixon started in the Summer of 2004 when Chris J posted a message seeking band members on an ontario punk community message board. The original lineup consisted of Chris J on drums, Zach & Mike on guitars, Erik on Bass and Marjo on vocals. The first practice we did some covers together and wrote our first song "Rank & File" simply because we wanted to have a song that everyone in the band knew how to play.

During this early period, we just practiced without any name because nobody could think of a good one. For a short time though we did settle on Rehab Clinic.

After a few months Erik (who wasn't doing much for anyone anyway) and Zach left the band because of distance reasons. For guitar we were okay because we still had Mike but without a bassist we were looking to fill the void. This is where Chris told everyone he played bass too, so we could either look for a new bass player or a drummer, and if we found a new drummer he'd take over bass duties. Enter Johnny.

Marjo met Johnny at some show and invited him to come jam with us and we were all impressed. Chris moved over to bass and this became the lineup for the next 2 years. We proceeded to write more songs and practice our butts off. After several name-changes that were more a-name-for-the-sake-of-a-name, we came up with Addiction to Nixon and it's stuck since then. We played several shows together with this lineup, recorded a 10-track demo in the spring of 2005 which we didn't do much with due to poor overall production, and we also managed to sell a number of buttons at shows.

Towards the summer/fall of 2006, Johnny had gotten a new job going door to door selling fixed gas rate plans. It was okay at first when he was working the city, but eventually it meant we were turning down more shows than playing. Eventually we decided that we could no longer keep Johnny around, as good as he was, because there was no point to having a great drummer if no one could ever hear him play. Upon hearing our decision to give Johnny the boot, Mike took this as an opportunity to follow him out the door as his heart just wasn't really in it beyond the level of extra-curricular activities. So Chris and Marjo proceeded to spend 2 months searching around for a new drummer and guitar player(s).

Enter Tyshit and Chris B. These two responded to posts on yet another punk-community message board so we sent them a link to our myspace page to check out some of the songs and had a jam together to test each other out. Though not completely set the first practice, the second session blew us away, so we decided that this would be it. After several regular practices everything is tightening up nice and fast, and we're still amazed at how quickly these two guys were able to pick everything up, and the new creative juices has already led to 3 new songs in the works.


Johnny's Dead ©2005

Written By: Addiction to Nixon (Marjo)

With all your bitching and all your whining
With all your protests and all your crying
You send your loved ones out to die
This is how it feels on the other side

You gotta reap what you sow
When the shit hits the fan
You gotta reap what you sow
When you find out Johnny's dead
Forget what you know, and look all around you
You had your chance for change but you let it go

Burn victims, car bombs, the world's in dust
People fight back and you think you've got their trust
You're stupid if you think you know what you're fighting for
How do you think you'd feel with an army at your door


Your spoils of war are taking their toll
The chaos that you've wrought is getting out of control
You had the chance to end it, and set the record straight
But you chose four more years, you chose your own damn fate


Douchebag ©2005

Written By: Addiction to Nixon (Marjo)

High school dropout, jacking off all day
No job no money no life because you just can't pay
Still sucking money outta your ma's fat fucking tit
You think you're so damn smart, with your bullshit fucking wit

You can't seem to care about the shit around you
An era will go by as you waste away at home
You sit and you smoke and you drink and you fuck
You're another useless cur, begging for a bone

Another whore comes home, and you put it in her ass
Don't know with whom or where she's been or when she cooked up last
Fuck the stupid rubber ATM her on her knees
Life ain't so bad when you don't care about disease


In a few years you'll fade away
And no one's gonna care
And when you've jerked your last jerk
And told your last lie, I think Axl said it best

You gonna DIE

And no one's gonna care.

There's a Cock in Your Exhaust ©2005

Written By: Addiction to Nixon (Marjo)

Your car is an extension of your fleshy self
Spinning rims and a spoiler bought right off the shelf
Boost the bass so you're deaf when you're 22
They try but they're just not as cool as you

Your penis compensation is killing me
It tells me that you're maybe just a little wee...
Bit dumber than you think, so drive quietly
This car ain't no testament to virility!


2005 - Addiction To Nixon Demo (scrapped for "production reasons"*; still used if only to give an idea of our sound, ask for one and we'll hook you up)
2007 - Busey Teeth: Celebrity Speedball (still in production)

Set List

Average set-time: 25-35 minutes
set-order: we like to change it up from time to time, also depends on amount of time given.

Originals: Bodily Harm; Douchebag; Johnny's Dead; Pick Up The Gun; Rank & File; Satan Fucker; Sex Offender; Smallville; Suzy Boozy; There's a Cock in Your Exhaust; Vision of Disorder; We Come In Peace

Covers: Suck My Left One - Bikini Kill; No Reason - Minor Threat; Hollywood Babylon - The Misfits