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Addictive Tragedy

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Addictive Tragedy @ Melissa's Coffeehouse

Buffalo, New York, USA

Buffalo, New York, USA

Addictive Tragedy @ Muddy Cup

Catskills, New York, USA

Catskills, New York, USA

Addictive Tragedy @ Sonnet's Cafe

Wadsworth, Ohio, USA

Wadsworth, Ohio, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Addictive Tragedy is on the fast track with all of the shows, a CD to drop at the end of 2007, new merchandise and of course a spanking new sound.

These girls have completley mixed something original with a soft touch that noone has heard before. They are a sound I cant completley place, but believe firmly theres a good reason for this.

They will be playing numerous shows this year including "X-Treme Wheels, "Miss Kitty's" and so many more. Be on a look out for these girls, they are something to watch for.

You can find them at : - The Batavia News


"Miles In Between" Single, Released 2007

"Addictive Tragedy: Live At The Montage" EP Album, Released 2006
-1. "I Hate The Way"
-2. "Wish Me Away"
-3. "What You Want"
-4. "Zombie"( The Cranberries Cover )
-5. "A Constant Battle"

"Addictive Tragedy" Self Titled EP, Released 2005
-1. "Everything Our Parents Hate"
-2. "I Am Breaking"
-3. "Wish Me Away"
-4. "Unresolved Anger"
-5. "I Love Rock 'N Roll" (Joan Jett Cover)



In January 2003, a gathering of a couple friends turned out to be something so much more than expected. Stephanie Oblick(Guitar) had an idea to start jamming with a friend Brendan Schweigart(Drums). Soon after that, a jamming session became a little more serious when they added Alicia Cascino on bass. Within a couple months they decided to start looking for a singer to complete their lineup. In the midst of the search, they decided to name the band "Plinth" which stuck for a while. The band went through a ton of singers, but it seemed noone fit what they were looking for. When school started that September, Stephanie met Sierra Sargent in Gym class. Sierra told Stephanie she enjoyed singing so Stephanie invited her to an audition. Sierra thought about it and on September 16,2003 it was time to give it a shot.

When the audition started Sierra sang a Evanescence cover and the band decided she was what the band had been looking for. That practice they made their first single "I Am Breaking", a catchy pop/punk hit that rapidly hit the top of the unsigned band charts on several internet sites. Soon after that they decided to change the name of the band to "Addictive Tragedy". In December of 2003, the band decided to let Brendan go and they picked up Angela Hagen. They practiced enough to perfect five songs that later that summer, they recorded their first five song demo. The demo sold in England, Canada and of course the United States. In October 2004, they enrolled in the Emergenza International Competition where they placed eighth out of the sixty four bands competing. They continued to pump out great tunes and have major success with fans with those following years. At the end of 2007, the band decided to let Alicia and Angela go due to personal reasons. With a whole new lineup, a new rock/acoustic sound and a new perspective, Addictive Tragedy is back and ready to go.

These girls aren't your typical female performers. They mix their natural charm, insane melodies, intense harmonies and excellent musical arrangement sprinkled with integrity,honesty and skill. Don't be fooled however, buy the emotion these girls put out through their lyrics and their performances. They have a very confident, tough appeal as well. They have a tour in the works for late 2008/Early 2009 including shows in NYC,NY,PA,OH AND NJ. They also have a fresh new line of merchandise and a new CD erupting soon. They are coming to a city near you! Be ready, they are taking off!