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Addis - i @ Prospect Moutain Campground

GRANVILLE, Massachusetts, USA

GRANVILLE, Massachusetts, USA

Addis - i @ WCC

hartford, Connecticut, USA

hartford, Connecticut, USA

Addis - i @ CASINO

Falmount, Cape Cod, Connecticut, USA

Falmount, Cape Cod, Connecticut, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Uh Huh. I turned my attention back to the music. Reggae quartet Addis & Co. is band leader Addis i (no dot) Smith, bassist Don Overson, Liz Nogueira's backing vocals and guitar guy Jeff Gauthier. They deliver all your Bob Marley favorites and more with a solid performance and that inexplicable island charm. And I like those rock turned-reggae tunes. I remember vividly that day I found our Neil Diamond wrote "Red, Red Wine" long before UB40 ever stood on the unemployment line. Another tidbit of trivia is that Addis met current band member Gauthier when Gauthier was playing in a blues/rock band and they invited Addis on stage to sing "I Shot the Sheriff". The rest as they say is history. That blues-based rock thing isn't completely absent, either. On "Do Ya Wanna Dance," I swear I heard some pretty Chuck Berry-sounding guitar work over the tell-tale reggae up beat. From island-flavored REM and Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" to their own lilting and politically-oriented original music, Addis & Co. played to a happy, ready-for-summer crowd. When they're back in the area, and I suspect it will be with a new CD in hand, I'll be sure to let your know. - Terri Lagerstedt

On May 22nd, a HBO comedy Jam was held at the Paramount in downtown Springfield featuring may of BET’s best natural comedy acts. Addis & Co. opened the both halves of the show with five original tunes from our current tape and CD release. For this performance, we added a few of the areas best musicians to round out a very large eight piece sound; John Kelly from Dog House laid down a very solid drum sound, Norberto Lopez added his Latin style of percussion with congas, timbale and bongos, Dave Song (a part-time member of A&C) thrilled with his heavy jazz influenced sax lines, and Brian brought some punch with the trumpet.

The writer from Springfield Republican entertainment column “The Scene” wrote in the May 24th edition of the Sunday Republican that Addis & Co stole the show.
- Springfield Republican


CD#1 Chant A Joyfull Song

CD#2 Eternal Love - Valume1


Music downloads availble at:

MSN music

The two CDs are Digitaly Mastered and they are both played on Digital Radio and TV stations through out the world.



"The Truth About It All...Now Listen"

With a head full of complicated locks and sweet melodies, Addis-i promotes peace in music. This self proclaimed singer, songwriter and entertainer has carved out his place as the top dog representing the music of the US Virgin Islands. A man committed to tradition, Addis-i creates his unique sound by blending the islands' traditional calypso, soca and reggae beats with American rock and R&B. This artist signed under Visionmusicgroup Nashville hopes to put his homeland on the map not only for its idyllic sun and beaches, but also for its music- the way Bob Marley has for Jamaican melodies.

"I'm not a rebel and I'm not just any Caribbean singer- I want my audience to know that I promote peace," explains the singer with a gentle smile and lilting island accents. Currently based out of Connecticut, Addis-i is working on his soon to be released 3rd album entitled V.I. Connection and preparing for a summer of live performances and promotion including an appearance at the Vermont Reggae Festival in August 2007.

Evoking sounds from his Caribbean home, Addis-i has successfully added another dimension to the world music genre. With over 20 years of performing under his belt, the ear trained musician has already released two major pieces of solo work. His debt release, Chant the Joyful Song, and sophomore album Eternal Love have both been well received on radio airwaves in both New England and the Caribbean. Songs like "Give a Little Love" and "Simple Truth" speak volumes to his mission as an entertainer. Addis-i has performed for audiences of thousands at events including the City of Hartford River Fest 2000, Foxwoods Tribal Convention, and opening for The Mighty Diamonds at the BET televised event.

Addis-i's musical career began on the charming island of St. John, a place logically known as "Love City", as a steel drum player in his high school band. After finding success in the V.I. in a local calypso outfit, he left his tropical lifestyle and moved to the mainland in order to take his career to the next level. Joining the band "New Horizons" started one of the biggest movements in his musical career, where often he would endure insane touring schedules with performances 5 to 7 times a week. The band had the honor to open for acts such as Jimmy Cliff, Crystal Gail, Spear, Toots, Ziggy Marley, and Black Uhuru.

One of the first from the Virgin Islands to make a splash in the USA, he aspires to teach global audiences about a beautifully simple way of life. Writing most of his music while reminiscing on personal life experiences, Addis-i's thought provoking lyrics prompt listeners to appreciate all of life's blessing.

Boasting two smashing solo albums featuring songs with topics ranging from love and spiritual empowerment, Addis-is hopes to reach everyone with a passion for enjoying good music. "Music is and always be the absolute essence of mind and body," proclaims this unassuming yet regal artist. With a powerful mission and talent to match, Addis-i proves to be a shooting star on his way to fame.

To learn more about Addis - i , please visit him at

Contacts ; 860 219 9553

860 478 9866


About the Author: Rayme Samuels

Rayme Samuels is a freelance cultural journalist based in Miami, Florida. With a BA Honors in Journalism and Media Studies from the University of Westminster in London, England, she is passionate about promoting world music to global audiences. For writing samples please visit:

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