A Dead Giveaway

A Dead Giveaway


A Dead Giveaway will be the break-out artist of 2006: Touring the country behind their sophomore album this Fall the band is unstoppable. With 3 releases under Pacific Records, the labels all time top sellers, A Dead Giveaway's new sound takes the band to an entirely new level.


A Dead Giveaway is carving their way into the national music scene with their hard hitting rock sound: Having toured across the country playing with bands such as My Chemical Romance, The Used, Senses Fail, and Saosin, A Dead GiveawayÂ’s fan base is growing around the world. With a large marketing and promotions campaign backed by Pacific Records (current label) A Dead Giveaway will release their sophomore album in the Fall of 2006. A Dead Giveaway recently finished shooting a music video in Hollywood, Ca to be aired on national television this summer. Having been together for over 3 years, things are finally coming together.


A Dead Giveaway S/T EP: 2004
A Dead Giveaway "Now Is Nothing" LP: 2005
A Dead Giveaway "Ambitions" EP: 2006
A Dead Giveaway "Among Ash Heaps And Millionaires" LP: 2007

Set List

All originals from a 20 minute set to an hour and a half headlining spot.

Sample Set:
My Only Reason
Sleep Tight
To Love is to Lie
Drum Solo
Decide Already
Empty Hearts
Emotionless I Stand
Now is Nothing
Crying in Crimson