A Dead Mans Promise

A Dead Mans Promise


Our music is like getting in a fight, making up, and partying afterwards.Its brutal as hell one minute and then as soft as marshmallows the next. Our band is just four goofy guys trying to get noticed and play some metal. Its our life and with out music we would have nothing.

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A Dead Mans Promise EP

Set List

Harmonics - 4 minutes

The Ballad of Lance Armstrong - 3 minutes

Premeditated Homocide - 2:30 minutes

Coffin Count - 3:30 minutes

Everything Dies If You Say So - 4 minutes

Sacrafice - 5 minutes

A Final Prayer - 5 minutes

What Remains of the Day - 6 minute

Never Forgive, Never Forget - 4 minutes

Regretting What You Came For - 5 minutes

Our set is about 45 minutes long

we don't do covers at this time