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A Deer A Horse

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Song Premiere: “Fighter” by A Deer A Horse"

It's hard not to be swept away by the captivating Brooklyn duo, A Deer A Horse, whose authentic, energetic rock positions them among legends like Joan Jett and Patti Smith. Their worming guitar licks exist in dark, cavernous places, an occasional light swinging over to take the edge off. Rebecca Satellite’s vocals move between mettlesome shouts and breathy melodies that sail over Angela Phillip’s heavy bass lines.

Their single "Fighter" (recorded at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio) preludes their forthcoming split-single Gunpoint/Mother Night.

Stream their latest single “Fighter” below and catch them this Thursday (5/14) at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. - Culture Collide

"A Deer A Horse - BTR Live Studio [ep413]"

Centered around the riveting songwriting and vocal delivery of singer/guitarist Rebecca Satellite and compounded by bassist Angela Phillips' memorable punk-stomp stage antics, ADAH has been quietly bubbling up in the Brooklyn music scene over the last few years, making quite an impression at every turn. Musically, they do great things with space, leaving room for tension in nearly every song, before exploding in perfectly timed, cathartic movements that drive their songs ahead. Satellite goes from hyper-focused poetic lightning rod to manic carnival ringleader, directing the force of the trio throughout each song's twists and turns. Here, they joined us in the studio to share some music and talk about what they've got coming up. Featured song: “Mother Night” A Deer A Horse are preparing to release a new 7” soon. Listen to the audio podcast with more music and interview: http://b-t-r.co/1zTasOJ Official website for A Deer A Horse: http://adeerahorse.com/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/ADeerAHorse Twitter: @adeerahorse - BreakThruRadioTV


With just over a month left of shows at 289 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, Glasslands Gallery hosted performances by New Myths, Mount Sharp, Thin Lips, and A Deer A Horse. - Impose Magazine

"CoolDad Music- A Deer A Horse Released a New Song Last Week. Played Mercury Lounge"

A Deer A Horse Released a New Song Last Week. Played Mercury Lounge on Thursday, 5/14. (PHOTOS by Mike Petzinger)

Brooklyn's A Deer A Horse describe their sound as "urgent rock and roll." That description fits the sound of their latest single "Fighter" pretty well. There's a tension -- okay, maybe an urgency -- in Rebecca Satellite's vocals and guitar that gives the track that feeling of being on the edge of bursting right up until the band let you down easy in the last few seconds. The rhythm section of Angela Phillips on bass and Justin Heaverin on drums helps to push everything along just short of the breaking point.

I met Rebecca Satellite back in February, and we spoke about her excitement at recording this track at Converse Rubber Tracks. The band definitely made the most of the opportunity. You can grab the track over at A Deer A Horse's Bandcamp page.

A Deer A Horse invited me to cover their show last week at Mecury Lounge, but a prior commitment meant I was unavailable. Never fear, though. Our friend, the talented Mike Petzinger, made the trip from Hoboken and captured -- as usual -- some excellent shots of the band.

Check out Mike's shots below, and check out A Deer A Horse when they play Brooklyn's Union Hall this Friday 5/22 with Zachary Cale, Jacob Augustine, and Mount Sharp. - CoolDad Music

"Listen: A Deer A Horse Drop Fiery New Single “Fighter”"

In an age where you can discover bands as quickly as you can order a Burrito, there’s something to be said about tracking their upward trajectory in the live arena, especially in the crowded New York scene. Back in early January, I caught A Deer A Horse at Cake Shop and was immediately impressed with the dynamic of Rebecca Satellite and Angela Phillips.
They teased a couple of new tracks including the Converse Rubber Tracks recorded and mixed single “Fighter” which dropped yesterday. The driving, riff burning cut confronts the risks involved in committing to something outside of your scope and control.
Satellite shares, “it’s about confronting personhood, where I begin and end and where the world begins and ends. The chorus, “You’ve got room for me/ You better run from me” is about the risk of taking the plunge and all the baggage someone brings with them, all the things they are that you haven’t learned yet.”
“Fighter” precedes the forthcoming split single Gunpoint/Mother Night out later this summer. Stream the latest from A Deer A Horse below and catch them at Mercury Lounge tonight w/ Gold and Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Kryptonite Music Magazine- A Deer A Horse"

The following fill in the blanks come from Brooklyn-based indie-rock band, A Deer A Horse. Recommended if you enjoy St. Vincent, Screaming Females or Savages, this project was brought together by Rebecca Satellite and Angela Philips. After attending Sarah Lawrence College, the two met up in New York and began collaborating and working on their 2013 EP, Patience. Learn more about the band and their music from the responses below. Be sure to check out the live studio recording of “Mother Night” below.

Three words we’d use to describe us are….We had a whole list of words, pages and pages worth to describe us (they were mostly expletives). After a lot of really heated discussions and arguments that may have devolved into throwing plates of spaghetti at each other, we narrowed it down to four words that describe us, we are sorry we couldn’t get it down to three, but we really felt that these four were the most necessary in describing the unique and innovative experience that is listening to A Deer A Horse: urgent, stark, intense, fluffy.

The story/meaning behind our name A Deer A Horse is….The name is in reference to the Chinese idiom “calling a deer a horse” which in turn is referencing an incident involving an advisor in the Qin Dynasty named Zhao Gao, who was by many accounts one of the most ruthless, corrupt politicians of Chinese History. Gao wanted to see which of the emperor’s advisors were loyal to him, so he brought a deer into the court and called it a horse. Some out of fear agreed that the deer was a horse, some remained silent while others dissented, saying Zhao Gao was crazy. Gao arranged for those who dissented to be executed, therefore ridding himself of anyone standing in his way. We found the story very interesting: first, because Zhao Gao chose something very innocuous to determine loyalty and instill fear, and second, because even in the face of such an evil person, some still chose to stand up openly against him, even if it meant certain death.

The pickiest eater is….Dylan, he’s just very committed to his health, you know, it’s why he insists on drinking the most disgusting smelling and tasting protein shakes of all time, and then complains about how disgusting smelling and tasting the protein shakes are whilst drinking them. The man is just really committed to his health.

The most OCD member is….Rebecca, she checks to make sure the stove is off at least four times before she can leave her apartment, many of the things you have already read are exaggerations, this is not one of them…

For fun we like to….Eat our weight in chips while watching Dylan work out.

We’re currently listening to….Vomitface, Slothrust, Protomartyr, Fugazi, X, Queens of the Stone Age, True Widow, Courtney Barnett.

Our favorite songs of all time include….

Fugazi “Burning”
T. Rex “Cosmic Dancer”
Bowie “Always Crashing in the Same Car”
QOTSA “Vampyre of Time and Memory”
X “White Girl”
Beatles “I Am the Walrus”
Van Halen “Hot for Teacher”
BSB “As Long as You Love Me”
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
We find inspiration from….Cats, sometimes humans, but mostly cats, specifically Rebecca’s cat named Kitty, very inspirational creature, she likes to shed her inspiration all over us constantly, we spend a lot of money on lint rollers.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….Sometimes we like to stand as close to a mirror as possible while singing our songs and really breathe hard to see just how foggy we can get that mirror by the end of the song-important facts.

The first song we wrote together was….In the beginnings of ADAH Rebecca brought in mostly finished songs, the first song we truly collaborated on, meaning we each wrote foundational parts and worked closely on the arrangement, was “Terrible Two” off of our first release Patience EP (2013).

Something odd we want our fans to know about us is….The amount of times our band conversations have turned to the merits of Kenny Loggins is alarming, also Angela does a scary good impression of Michael McDonald…

We’re absolutely terrified of….Definitely roaches factor pretty high on the things we’re terrified of scale, we know that they have the ecological purpose of decomposing stuff, but they scuttle and are creepy, unless they get their act together and stop creepin’ everyone out, you know become more self aware creatures about their level of creepiness, we’re sorry but we’re just gonna have to continue being terrified of them.

Our last meals would be….Well, Rebecca’s last meal almost was a cheese quesadilla she was attempting to consume at a Hooters in Memphis TN and if Angela hadn’t been so distracted by the Batman movie that was playing on the TV over Rebecca’s shoulder, she may have assisted Rebecca in the Heimlich maneuver she had to give herself in order to not choke! Angela’s last meal will probably be the dirt on the ground that she accidentally consumes when her face hits it after falling off the stage during one of ADAH’s performances- Angela falls off stages a lot. Dylan will never have a last meal, because he’s a legend and he will never die. - Kryptonite Music Magazine


My good friends are in this Brooklyn-based band A Deer A Horse, and I’ve followed their music pretty closely in the past few years. To that end, you have my full endorsement to love them // stalk their socials because not only are they absurdly weird and simultaneously overwhelmingly cool- how they pull this off, I’m not entirely sure- but they are also really talented musicians. Everything they do looks and sounds effortless (and from knowing them, they put a lot of craft and deliberation into what is produced).

This new track was first premiered over at Culture Collide and recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks. As talented as they are humble, this band is definitely going places. Watch this space x. - Left Bank Magazine

"SIMGE On The Scene: A Deer A Horse & Lady Played Cake Shop (VIDEO)"

Last night, Vomitface opened up night one of their month long residency at Cake Shop for which I did not stay because I am a sleepy d-bag. My apologies to them.
I did, however, catch the stylings of promising bands in the swirling shoe-gaze of Lady and the gritty indie-rock of A Deer A Horse. The latter had a monstrous live bass sound, sweet harmonies, and a great cover of “Pennyroyal Tea” in tow.
Check out video of A Deer A Horse and Lady below and be sure to catch Vomitface the next few Mondays and send me some photos to make up for missing out. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Sounds: A Deer A Horse"

New video from New York-based band A Deer A Horse. Check out their bandcamp for more tunes. Featured image photo credit http://www.alexnorelliart.com. Post image photo credit Kassandra Balli. Rock on. - Left Bank Magazine

"Independent Music News UK- Staff Pick"

Genre - Indie // Garage // Rock

Hometown - Brooklyn, NY, America

Label - Independent - Independent Music News UK

"Bloodbath- streaming on Inforty"

‘Bloodbath’ is taken from Brooklyn-based trio A Deer A Horse’s debut EP, Patience, released on September 14th. - Inforty.com

"Living Through 2012: My Year in Music"

"The great thing about Brooklyn being a rock-band mecca (there are lots of bad things about it as well, but I'll talk about those some other time) is that the clanking machinery of it throws off lots of sparks. If you are living where everyone is in a band, you want to start a band too, and you are likely to find another couple of people who feel the same way and, well, start a band. And then you never know. This Brooklyn trio, orbiting in the Brooklyn hipster planetary system with a million other bands in a sort of rock and roll Asteroid Belt, are a good argument for being in New York at this moment in time (there are even more arguments against being in New York at this moment, but I'll talk about those some other time). I was stunned when I saw them live at one of those semi-legal converted-storefront venues that have sprouted all over Bushwick, sounding sort of like early Sonic Youth covering a late 70s New York band that was channeling the Velvet Underground. The aggressive rhythm section prowls on the precipice while Rebecca Satellite’s unconstrained guitar playing and slightly eerie singing swoop down on them from above. But what really distinguishes them from every other Sonic Youth/NY Punk/Velvet Underground-style band in Brooklyn is that they have actual good songs. After only seeing them play once, I remembered how all the songs went, even the longish drone-y ones. Not yet sure what they are about, but they seem to be about cool stuff - they have a Walt Whitman quote posted on their Facebook page."
- Rule of Thumb


Still working on that hot first release.



Urgent rock & roll from Brooklyn, NY.

"moody, searing guitar rock" - Village Voice

"ADAH shatters the prehistoric notions of living, demanding something present and conscious in the now..” – Impose Magazine

"Satellite goes from hyper-focused poetic lightning rod to manic carnival ringleader, directing the force of the trio throughout each song's twists and turns." - BreakThruRadioTV

"[their] authentic, energetic rock positions them among legends like Joan Jett and Patti Smith. Their worming guitar licks exist in dark, cavernous places, an occasional light swinging over to take the edge off. Rebecca Satellite's vocals move between mettlesome shouts and breathy melodies that sail over Angela Phillips' heavy bass lines." - Culture Collide

"The driving, riff burning cut confronts the risks involved in committing to something outside of your scope and control." - Speak Into My Good Eye

"There's a tension...that gives the track that feeling of being on the edge of bursting right up until the band let you down easy in the last few seconds. The rhythm section...helps to push everything along just short of the breaking point."- CoolDad Music

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