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"Adela makes a meal of it"

Adela Makes a meal of it

Cullahill Singer brings the Meanits to Stradbally picnic

CULLAHILL singer Adela Meally will be playing the Picnic this Saturday, taking to the Tree Stage in Body and Soul. Adela will be joined for her gig with her new band, the Meanits. The band consists of three well know, popular and accomplished musicians-Barry Hayes on bass, Ross O' Meara on drums and John Davidson on fiddle.

Adela has been making waves both locally and nationally, with her catchy riffs and quirky lyrics ensuring she stands out from the crowd. Those who want to see one of Laois' upcoming stars should make space in their Saturday and Sunday diary pages.

Written by Mary Kavanagh - Leinster Express

"A few words with Adela from the Meanits"

udging by the quality of the 4 track promo cd doing the rounds by Adela and the Meanits we may be listening to a major artist in the early stages of her career.

With an album on the way and a few festival dates coming up we thought it was time we had a chat with one of the country's most promising songwriters, Adela Meally of the Meanits.

Your sound is very unique and hard to label. You have a plethora of influences but what artists gave you the impetus to go and become a musician?

It was my parents who initially forced into playing the keyboard because they had paid in advance for lessons. That was the main

Listening to your lyrics it seems you just buzz off everyday life and work that into the songs. Would that be a fair observation?

Yes I do buzz off everyday life and I have some songs that feel very ‘everyday’ to me. I’m interested in the other days as well

You play with some fantastic musicians in your band. The violin of John
Davidson in particular really adds to the unique sound of the band. Does working with such an eclectic mix of people influence how you write?

The lads have a huge musical influence on me. Because they are so versatile, they do not force me to write in any particular style or with a particular sound in mind. This leaves me completely free to write whatever I like which is the best kind of influence…the influence to be free. Any new song I write nowadays gets the ‘Meanit’ treatment. They’re great!

I've read you have an album coming out soon. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

It’s been slow…
I’m determined to get it out before summer though. I’m
planning a road trip all over Ireland to deliver it to shops myself. I’m
currently saving for a tent and a flask! The album has a real sunny-pop vibe
about it. I have great hopes for it.

You did a really great video for 'Party of Three', can you tell us about that?

It was shot in the local handball alley that we painted yellow for the day and some scenes were shot in my garage. All my friends chipped in (make-up department, catering, props, puppet actors, leading male…you name it!) We had a shoestring budget but we made it work. I have to say it was one of the best things I have ever done…loved every minute of it.

You've played with the likes of John Spillane, Juliet Turner and Mick Flannery to mention but a few. Is there a sense of camaraderie between Irish Artists in the small yet vibrant music scene we have in Ireland?

Yeah I think there is. John, Mick and Juliet were dead sound when I played support for them. I think musicians everywhere feel a sense of camaraderie.

- RedTrackMusic


Debut Studio Album release: June 2011
Compilation cd: Laois Connect 2010
Recorded 4 tracks for RTE's 2fm Dan Hegarty show 2010

Early Demo 'Party for Three' received considerable airplay on both Local and National stations eg RTE Radio 1, RTE 2fm, Today fm and KCLR fm



Described as “Sesame Street on crack” Adela and the Meanits are one of the most unique acts to emerge in recent times. Comprised of a group of four professional musicians, Adela and the Meanits began as a project in 2009 when they made their debut in the Body and Soul Arena at the world famous music and arts festival, Electric Picnic.

Having played solo for a number of years under her own name, Adela Meally was nominated as Best Female at the Balcony TV Awards 07 and was hyped as the “new queen of the local indie scene” by Hot Press. She also made a music video ‘Party for Three’ with The New York Film University. After a chance encounter on a St Patrick’s Day float in Portlaoise, Adela met drummer Ros O’ Meara. Then a member of several bands, Ros introduced Adela to Barry Hayes who in turn introduced everyone to John Davidson. Like peas in a far out pod…they became Adela and the Meanits.

The upcoming studio album has a definite left-of-centre pop sound. The musicianship, production and crossover styles combined have created something truly unique… “I can't think of anyone else that sounds this way…a great accomplishment indeed…What these guys are doing is pretty amazing” [Taxi Music]

The bands live shows are a quirky mix of trashcan jazz-meets-pop-meets-folk. All four musicians are multi-instrumentalists and they incorporate vocals, double bass, piano, ukulele, melodica, drums/percussion, nylon string guitar and violin with effects pedals into each live performance. Check out ‘Kiss Me Frog’, recorded live for RTE 2fm for a sample.

After securing a distribution deal with HMV for their upcoming studio album in June 2011, the band is looking forward to a year of touring both nationally and internationally. Their music has been likened to Madness, Sultans of Ping and Lily Allen, but comparisons aside, Adela and the Meanits have an infectious, happy buzz in their sound.