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Concieved in a cramped bedroom turned practice space in the Fall of 2007, this 5 piece group of fierce perfomers know what they want and how to get there. Having experienced front-man Bryan Wray at the helm certainly helps. The former violinist for Ivy League, has dropped the strings and now brings soaring vocals and an in your face attitude to his audience to make Adeliah unlike any other band from Buffalo.

Adeliah makes use of crushing guitar riffs and harmonies that would make you want campbell's soup (Mmm...good). Seasoned guitarist Ryan Bennett since joining the ranks of Adeliah has only helped to add to the many distinct layers of the bands self-dubbed Indie-Metal. Along with Ryan, 16 year old drummer, Cody Hartnett brutally wields a double bass whose patterns tend to make most peoples' heads spin. This concauction of styles or, as the members of Adeliah like to call it, 'musical fusion' has been one of the many reasons why they have gained much credibility in the local scene.

Vocalists Rich Harnett and Jeordan Hill only add to the opulent layers of hard guitars and rattling bass by harmonizing on songs like 'If Love Is A Lie' and 'Tell Me I'm Worth It' bringing their listeners in like sirens then allowing them to be thrown tumultuously further into the music. Adeliah has made it a point to acknowledge that everything they do can be done on stage as well as on CD, and with the complex multiple harmonies they tend to revert to in the many epic riffs they perform, one can only call their tracks sweet, sweet music.

Other bands have referred to Adeliah to being like a mix of Thursday and A Static Lullaby. Regardless, Adeliah prides itself on its individuality and bringing their sound to the masses any way possible, one person at a time or ten thousand. Adeliah is comprised of music-loving, like minded people whose sole goal is to live life to the fullest and to share all of their experiences and stories through their music with friends and fans alike. Bassist Jeordan Hill states, " We really appreciate every single fan and we want them to feel connected to us and our music. Many musicians nowadays have taken it upon themselves to dub themselves 'rockstars' before becoming what they act and claim to be. This attitude tends to alienate fans and ends up hurting that scene's image, making it harder and harder for other bands to create friendships and that connection people tend to seek in our music and from us. To us our music is an expression of our thoughts and feelings. We listen to music for the same reasons as anyone else, so when we write, we want to create something that really connects to our fans. At that point all we have to do is show that what we make is backed up by good will and intentions, and not the new stereo type so many emerging acts seem to display."