Adelina & The Conspiracy

Adelina & The Conspiracy


An original sound and musical style with strong vocals, strong chords, strong rhythms and beats. Artsy rock with a Latino influence. The songs have a "freight train"-feel in that they move forward with momentum. Each song has a powerful drive because of its heavy rhythm structure


Raised by her Musician/Singer Songwriter/Social activist mother, Adelina grew up in and around East Los Angeles housing projects. She was taught early on that music was not to be extra activity but a way of life and the importance of appreciating various cultures and their music. Adelina's songwriting reflects her eclectic musical upbringing.

Adelina met all her band members at a favorite local hang out called "The Kibitz Room" in West Hollywood and while performing for the first time together at The Kibitz Room, as the MC finished introducing Adelina, he then turn to the band, and uncertain of what to called them, Brian, without missing a beat, yelled out "The Conspiracy," and so the name was kept.

The Conspiracy Band:
Patrick Daly was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but spend his growing years in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He began taking guitar lessons at the of eight until he was sixteen. He then locked himself in his room to listen and to gain knowledge from his favorite musicians such as Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beastie Boys, and Rage Against The Machine. During this time his mom would placed his favorite food "Roasts of beef and chicken" on a tray at the foot of his door. When he finally emerged from his room, it was to further his guitar studies at the University of Indiana. Current motto: "Do it 'till you're satisfied."

Mark Luntzel originally hails from East Palo Alto, California. Ex-skateboarder, heavy music enthusiast, technologist, dork, botanist. Do not ask him to fix your computer unless you have pork products to barter. He loves his family dearly, though he doesn't get to see them as often as he'd like. Studying computer science, he one day hopes to search for objects on the beach with a metal detector. AKA Luntzilla. Current motto: "FIRE IT UP!"

Brian Hogan (Drums) is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and while growing up, his parents played classic rock and country music. Their favorite saying? "You could do so much better if you applied yourself" and "Cut the bull shit Brian! And so he applied himself and learned how to play drums. "It's the only thing I care about in this world and it's the only thing I'm really good at." He does care about eating his favorite food, which is Tacos and not being around people who talked too much.


Adelina is currently working on finishing her debut CD.

Set List

Our shows consist of mainly original material by Adelina for the Conspiracy band. The typical set is between 1/2 hour to 45 mins. Sometimes the band will also include covers.