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The best kept secret in music


"System of a Sabbath"

From the beginning you know this track is going to ROCK. It has a great inrto, Nice vocals, great guitars and bangin' rhythm.

You kinda have a System Of A Down meets Old Sabbath feel going here with some of the vocals, like "Now we're throwing it all away, but I'll still be there" That sounds like something like Ozzy would do.

At about 3:20 the droning bass is kickin'

Pretty tight arrangement and everything seems to fit into place.

Rockin' track dude
Reviewed by: Jamr from Clearwater, Florida - -- Jamr


Released EP "Endure" Summer of 2005

Tracks receiving airplay:
American Rhetoric
In your Memory

Broadcasted on Buzzplay Podcast,,
UCF GoldenKnight Radio, South Florida Local Band Radio, and XM Satelite Radio Ch.52.

Tracks Available for streaming at:


Feeling a bit camera shy


Aden has had its up and downs since its founding in 2003. Going through a number of member changes, musically differences, and constant coincidences during that first year. The band found its solid foundation in the summer of 2004 and hasnt looked back. The concept of bringing together a group of musicians who have different influences and experiences poised many challenges when it came to writing. At times it was difficult to find a happy medium, but through the hard times came a sure fire way to bring together music from all forms into a solid sounding, energy packed rock band that has created their own image and sound in a sea of what seems to be comformity these days. Not by choice, but by forgoeing cliches and focusing on the
music that shows their inspirations, downfalls, hopes and fears.

"We dont really set out to write any particular songs," says guitarist Matt Young," Much of our music comes from the heart, that is brought out when we come together. A pure expression of what is driving us today, good times or bad times. I am still amazed by that." 'In your memory' from their summer 2005 album self-release 'Endure'
was ,"...never written to write a song that was sad. For myself there was alot of emotions building in me from people that I knew that had passed away, friends I have that have lost people. I had no real outlet, except through music. And still I never sat down to write this song, The riffs started flowin and the song became what it is," Matt
Young explains. "The way we create music is a collective process where every indivdual has a say and voice. The majority of the time when we write a song is based around...a single idea...that musically builds itself and creates
a feeling or mood," Ryan Marsh says,"that feeling becomes the focal point of our music."

With Aden there are no preconceptions of what a song should be and how it should be. This goes along with there performances. "I never say to myself 'I need to rock harder tonight' again its from whats inside that people see," Matt
young states.

With a loyal following and a continuing fanbase Aden has become a force to be reckon with. Their purity in songwriting has fans relating to the messages in their lyrics. "I've found that our fans are sometimes fanatical and its still shocking to hear people singing along with us when we play live," Matt says. "Our lyrics can relate to
everybody in some way shape or form, but thats what is so great about music, is that you get to interperate the musical and lyrical aspects of it yourelf."

With the conformity we see in todays music, Aden is a breathe of fresh air that challenges those to listen to something new, truthful, and pure. Something most bands seem to feel confortable writing in a realm of what is popular, Aden pushes musical thought.