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Trosa, Södermanland, Sweden | INDIE

Trosa, Södermanland, Sweden | INDIE
Band Metal Punk


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"The Rose Will Decay" (2007) - CD EP
"Another Year Of Disaster" (2009) - CD Album
"Sound The Alarm" (2009) - CD Single / Video
"Shark! Shark! Shark!" (2009) - CD Single / Video
"At Least Give Me My Dreams Back..." (2010) - CD Single / Video



There's something about small-town Sweden that inspires young bands to develop a melodic language which is as unmistakable as it is infectious. The relatively small country in northern Europe is a region renowned for spawning metal and hardcore talent which is admired around the world for their unique ability to make remarkable, lasting music. What is it about northern boredom that inspires such melodic and heavy creativity?

Adept is the archetypal example of a Swedish band who carries the tradition of gifted melodicism and high-impact hardcore onwards, but has enough urban connection to feel fresh, vital and who can relate to the strife most people struggle with. The imminent follow-up to the seriously triumphant EP "The rose will decay"? (2006) is basically a full-on musical and emotional catharsis from a band which has reached a serious fanbase seemingly effortless.

But with "Another year of disaster" (2009), efforts are turned to a new max. Unserious has become ambitious, because with the debut album in tow, Adept has come to realize the music and the band's ever rising star is worth taking seriously. After two years of extensive domestic touring and song crafting, Adept give us a well-crafted album rooted in hardcore and metal but with pop sensibilities that is thankfully devoid of pretentious, wacky subgenres. You know: math-post-nu-whatever. Forget about that crap. This is a collection of songs which are sublimely honest and straight-forward, but not without its own trademark and unexpected quirks.

Here is a band who has taken the mission to develop an identity as well as a sound of its own very seriously. Heaps of love and huge respect is paid to the band's inspirations - the forerunners of modern hardcore, metal and emo. But the result of Robert, Jerry, Jacob, Tobias and Gabriel playing together is a product of passion, curiosity, fun, fervor and intensity - not plagiarism.

Musically, this album is a huge step forward for musicians who have their hunger intact, who have taken the noble art of songwriting to a new high. Contrasting what is fundamentally a guitar-driven album, the vocal work on "Things that only happen in the movies"? is testimony of a band refusing to rest on their rather successful laurels. Main vocalist Robert's voice has reached a new apex of diversity - one minute the man screams like he's got nothing but spite; next, we've got deep, murmuring growls; and maybe most importantly, this album shows a man who contrasts his anger with melodic vocals that not only puts the Matt Davis and Aaron Gillespie's of the world to shame. Robert sings of all his band's emotions and yearnings with a sincerity that is instantly goosebump-inducing, and we're even served the occasional badboy choir underlining the band's distinct hardcore rooting.

The hardcore choir serves as proof that however serious Adept are about their music, this band is as much about energy, party and having a good time - especially when wrecking the stage on tour. Lyrical and emotional depth and musical craftsmanship aside - this band wants to make your sons and daughters do bad things!