Adesh + Ajita

Adesh + Ajita

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Improvisations in Indian Classical Style of Songs of late composer Sri Chinmoy. Unique style, unique compositions, heart touching and still powerful music. Good for relaxation and meditation. Takes you immediately into a different world or to India if required.


We studied Indian Classical Music in Sri Lanka from 1977 to 1982. In 1996 we started to improvise with late Indian composer Sri Chinmoy's compositions ( in Indian Classical Style. We have give over 50 concerts in all over Europe, the Eastern countries, Russia, Mongolia and New York.


3 CD's: Joy of Sitar, Family Music, Sitar Pilgrimage

Set List

average length of one improviation is about 10 minutes, can go upto 15 minutes. 3-4 songs, intermission, and then another 2-3 songs (songs is the wrong expression, it is more pieces.)