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A Desolate Dream

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Living A Desolate Dream"

A Desolate Dream, a new and upcoming band, has been spending a lot of time
here in Chilton County.
The lifelong friends joined each other from many different broken bands and
created their newest band with the newest music and the newest sound. The
band, which formed only three months ago, is already making a sensation in
the music world not only to the fans but also to other local new bands that
haven't made it down the bumpy road to success.
A Desolate Dream has worked with many small young bands and helping them to
learn the ropes of putting on a good show and how to make the show unique to
A Desolate Dream consists of lead vocalist Jeremy Sparkman, bass James
Sparkman, guitar Jody Strickland, guitar and backup singer Aaron Weatherford
and drummer Eddie Johnson. They has developed their own sound as they let
their own feelings flow through the songs they sing and play.
"We all came together and played a show, and then we just stuck. We work
hard to write our own stuff and make the music our own," Jeremy Sparkman
The bands first song and top hit has been "Solitude" and they have a total
of eight songs now. They spend most of their time practicing and writing new
"We try to meet up at least four times a week to practice, but we are really
working constantly because throughout the day one of us will have an idea,
and then we will all get together to talk it over and stuff," Jeremy
Sparkman said.
The band is working hard to be successful in not only music but within
themselves. They put a lot of effort into their work and have been motivated
by many different forms of music including heavy metal, progressive rock and
alternative rock. After bringing in all of their interest in music, the band
created their own unique sound the crowd loves.
"We want to revive music. We as a band don't write too trendy, and we don't
write like other people write. We write how we feel and what feels write to
us. We can't really classify ourselves as any one kind of music because we
play so many different forms, and we make it sound good," Jeremy Sparkman
A Desolate Dream comes to Big Time Wingz in Clanton at least once a month to
play a show. They say that they have more fun here in Clanton at Big Time
Wingz than they have at a lot of other places that they play.
"Everyone is really relaxed here and we are able to have fun and put on a
show. At a lot of other places we go in and it just feels more like a job.
That's not what music is about. This is our third time to play here and we
try to come back at least once a month," Jeremy Sparkman said.
The band is working their way to the top. They are doing a good job of
creating interesting shows with lights, fog, energetic movement and great
music. Their goal is to be heard by somebody.
"We want to be heard by somebody so that we can bring the spotlight back to
the bands of Alabama. We work hard and love what we do," Jeremy Spearman
said. "We just really love to be here with the crowds and to hear them
scream and yell with us. "The feeling is amazing and we enjoy being up in
front of everyone. We want to one day be able to reach more people with our
music." - The Clanton Advisor


Solitude Single

Indie release: January 2007

track listing
1. Out of Time
2. Solitude
3. Abuse


Feeling a bit camera shy


In a world where the spirit of rock music and those who supported it are dead and gone, A Desolate Dream stands loud and strong with both fists pumping in the air in true punk rock fashion screaming at the top of their lungs "we will never change". A Desolate Dream is REAL music made by REAL people, about REAL life situations. There is no glamour, or gimmic, there is nothing but the raw, rebellious, loud music that fights against conformity, and shelters those who are brave enough to stand up for what they believe in. A Desolate Dream's music deals with all aspects of life, love, pain, anger, depression, hope, and faith. Challenging people to think for themselves and not to be spoon-fed the ideas of others, A Desolate Dream is not a band, it's a vision..... a vision that with your help can spark a revolution.

The band combines several different influences from bands such as Tool, A Perfect Circle, Pantera, Sevendust, Killswitch Engaged, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, 30 Seconds to Mars, Incubus, Depeche Mode, and many others. The band’s music is artistic and clever fueled by a rock solid rhythm section and mind blowing power grooves. The band uses a “think outside the box” mentality when it comes to melodies and counter melodies. This band is one of the most original bands to come along in a long time. A Desolate Dream is more than a show the band is a spectacle. A Desolate Dream pours every ounce of there heart and soul into the music they play every single performance. The band also has a custom light show that is hand tailored to perfection to their music and set list. The band draws you in to experience the picture they paint for you by combining elements of darkness and fog with bright flashes of light and strobes. A Desolate Dream can be described by two words…. Beautiful Chaos.

A Desolate Dream has the ability to accommodate most any occasion. From hour long original sets to all night original / cover sets. The band is very selective in the covers they choose. Their biggest strength would be the 90’s. The band covers all styles of music from this era specializing in Alternative music ranging from Nirvana and Green Day, to Limp Bizkit and Metallica. You will probably never hear Freebird out of this band. However, they do a lot of 60’s 70’s and 80’s covers as well and the band plans to even possibly work some hip hop and R&B into their routine. This band is a new breed of “Shock Rock” as audiences are constantly amazed and left guessing as to what genre of music they are going to pull from next. The band posses the ability to move from really heavy and brutal music to the most delicate ballads effortlessly. The band has the ability to play over 5 hours and have over 12 years of experience between them. A Desolate Dream is NOT a fly by night organization, rather a group of young yet seasoned musicians determined to leave their mark on the world.