Orlando, Florida, USA

Adeste is hardcore, but their own blend of hardcore. Layering electronic beats, synthesizer, heavy guitars and vocals, and tight harmonies you are guaranteed to be intrigued. Music with a message that will leave you having had a good time.


Adeste is a six-piece outfit based out of Orlando, Florida. From the very beginning, they set out to be a powerful voice in the music industry, with a positive message. It’s an often overstated and under appreciated idea that music is about having fun. They understand that they have a chance to set a good example for the kids that go to shows and that it’s not about who can look the toughest or curse the most on stage.

Adeste has built a dedicated fan base in Central Florida, and Nationally on the web. Most recently, Adeste performed on the Ernie Ball Stage at The Vans Warped Tour '11 Orlando, FL date. They have shared the stage at some of Orlando’s premiere venues including The Social and BackBooth, with bands such as Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Dance Gavin Dance, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Although Adeste has not yet toured, they are well equipped and ready to tour and continue making music.

Adeste’s live show is energetic, their enthusiasm is infectious, and their drive is matchless. Some influences would include anything from pop-punk to indie to metal, hardcore, screamo, and back again. Members’ influences are diverse, yet come together to create their own unique sound, combining ambient guitars and catchy melodies with breakdowns, blood curdling screams, and heavy on the synth.

Adeste's debut album, In Parables, was completed in the summer of 2010. In Parables is a concept album, carefully composed and meticulously pieced together, to tell a story from beginning to end. This 11-track epic tells the story of a boy's search for truth, and the trials he faces along the way. Their goal was to create a unique album with a deeper meaning and make an impact in a genre that was often overlooked when it comes to substance.



Written By: Adeste

So I sleep and embrace this lucid dream. I hold a book that offers wisdom but my vision feels so weak. Oh sleep is such a gracious thief, it steals my time but give me strength. Will this morning render hope and give me back control? But I wake in a bed that has never seen love. Just a tryst I’ll embrace while my essence is young. Now this city owns my name; it marks my residence as shame. As I wander through it’s streets I gamble with defeat. Is this a crime that I commit when I’m just stealing to exist? Now my affliction is sustained and in their prison I’m displayed. We’re convicted thieves. I reside with the accused. A realm conceived through battered youth. I’m subsiding with my fault. These walls are now my home. I see a letter on my floor It bares the knowledge that I’ve ignored. A brilliant counter in his reply but can this author amend my crime. So they gathered all the thieves and gave them numbers one to three. The odd forgiven and released; the even chained and shipped to sea. But I stood second in the line before they covered all our eyes. Two officials then explained that two conclusions were at stake. “The number branded on your wrist decides if you exist.”


Written By: Adeste

Lets rewrite tradition; Remove corruption from our stride. Lets rewrite tradition and appraise the meaning of our lives. I thrive on division but I’m abandoning my pride. I’m seeking redemption, I want the love that I denied. The laws that governed us through youth provoke the ventures we pursue but now this weakness devours my bones and the curtains begin to close. Fear emerges with visions of death and all my sin. Are we the parable of failure? Sleep is such a gracious thief; It steals my time but give me strength. I had a dream I descending, drifting further from the light. My whisper’s begging for redemption. Is it enough to motion life? Dear God I come lost and seeking love. Despite my past you’ve forgiven me. Now I wake on the road and I rise to my feet. I see the blood on my hands. I’m recalling my sins. The color fades with his touch. Redemption runs through my blood. Looking back on my venture; the doors they locked to keep me safe. Safe from the unknown and world that thrives on almost everything but faith. Running from tradition brought me to the sea. There I found a woman waiting who offered shelter in the city that she lived but vices sentenced me to death. Aboard a ship I was to die but the captain saw potential in my life, when my feat touched the shore his grace was ignored and I buried my worth in sand. Far off the path that I began I found love but I was forced to watch it drown. Revenge compelled me to burn my past alive and give into my demise. But my father tells me no, “son continue on this road.” Down this path we proceed. Keeping faith in our reach.


Written By: Adeste

I address this letter and commence my venture. Just this once I’ll walk alone. I’ll be the son who left his home. The lens that fills my scope exposes the dangers of this road. But I still proceed. I’ve been traveling for days, assessing value in this path. But time has drained my barren pockets, and now it’s foolish turning back. So I keep this compass at my side, inhale the comfort it provides. But if I only take direction do I become what I defy? Are we the parable of failure? We left home in search of something new. We’re prodigals on a path that stays from truth. So I altered my direction and I met a vagrant by the road. He informed me of a city and a woman who lives alone. “She’ll answer questions you’ve composed.” It stirs within, This longing must end, I swallow his words and now I’m changing my course. It was freedom I explored and I found the city built beside the shore. She was standing in it’s streets; she said she waited there for me and so I followed her to shelter, that’s where she insisted that I sleep. So I surrendered to her sheets. I fell asleep with her beliefs.


Written By: Adeste

I’ve been sentenced to death on this ship that’s set sail. But a storms drawing near as this rebellion prevails. The sails contract as the politics collide. A mutiny at hand. Am I still the victim. I used to care but now I know it wasn’t my call to make. Walk the plank this will all be over soon. Now be brave and take that step overboard. Walk the plank or die here on this ship. Swim away in silence. With the richest pain of a sword I will advance into a vicious sea. The current’s wrath is the breath that needs my lungs. Is there any hope, dear God will we survive? The colors expand; so vivid so red. With our captain betrayed this ship goes down in flames. It’s gonna happen one way dead or alive. We’re going down and there’s only one way to survive. Oh captain my captain I need your direction. Our days here are numbered this glaring conviction. Oh captain I’m drowning This ships going down. We’re lost out at sea. Can we ever be found?


In Parables L.P: 2010
Self Titled E.P: 2008

Internet Radio
Spotify: 2011
Pandora- Adeste Radio: 2011

WJRR 101.1FM

Axis Magazine

Set List

1. Dawning
2. Foundation
3. Seeking
4. Numbers
5. Departure
6. Stasis
7. Waking
8. Structure
9. Mourning
10. Retribution
11. Redemption