Los Angeles, California, USA

A universal rock band that wants to connect its music to music listeners worldwide, in hopes to have a positive impact in their lives.


Adestra is an alternative rock band from Southern California. With such varied influences as metal, grunge, and rock, this Los Angeles-based quintet provides a unique energy in their music, a notion that is evident in the crushing guitar riffs, throaty bass grooves, explosive drum beats and catchy powerful melodies. Adestra was formed in late 2009, when friends Hugo and Jimi got together to collaborate with their music ideas. Alex, Jon, and Gerry were later recruited into the band, and Adestra was born. With the band now complete, their unified musical vision manifested into a forceful and dynamic sound, a culmination of all their individual musical backgrounds. 2010 looks to be an exciting year for Adestra, with the release of their highly anticipated self-titled EP. Look for Adestra to rock the spot at a venue near you. And ask yourself one question: Are you ready to rock?


Currently recording EP
Tracks can be heard at or Adestra in Facebook.

Set List

Usually we mix up the set so its a little different every time. Our set list can last up to 45 minutes, even to an hour. If we are lucky enough to get a 45 or more minute set we usually like to do some instrumental improvisation to have some fun. We have yet to do covers.