Just a fun-lovin, music-makin, wild n' krazy group of guys out to have a great time and play some awesome shows. We are a rock band with somewhat of a punk twist. If you like it hard and fast then you definitely need to get laid... no listen to us live and in concert or media files


We were all born on the side of I-75 southbound in the middle of North GA.... raised by apes and kangaroos and then abandoned to survive on our own with drumstix and guitar pix. No not really... we got together in highschool about 2 years ago and just goofed around did some covers a few originals nothing big. But we realized we actually could play and started writing our own stuff and now we are playin all the shows we can and hopin to finally get up the cash to record.

Set List

Our set List changes a lot cuz when you have 13 songs and you play the same order it gets kind of old but we usually start off with "The Future Lies Ahead" and we usually try to mix it up so that it doesn't sound too repetitive.