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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"92.5 The Bear Interview"

ADHD the band's Rina did a radio interview with Jason LaChance of 92.5 the Bear, in Merced, Calfornia, featuring Blak Led and Fairly Attractive in Pink on Friday. They spoke in a pre-recorded interview on Nov 29th, 2006 and got a chance to get to know one another.

"I used to work at the Radio Station in Montreal, at Concordia University [where Jennifer Hollet formally of Much Music used to be the Coordinator]. I remember my biggest thrill was interviewing 7 year bitch. They were sort of part of the riot grrl movement from the Seattle area. It's like they were part of the grunge scene but no one really knows about them. Anyways, I had no idea what I was doing. I remember asking them about Aincent History and other really personal and political information. They loved talking to me but it sucked as a radio interview", Rina and Jason laughed.

"The sound is definitly new and unlike anything out there currently, but still with some of those classic elements that we all love" - LaChance

"It's nice to hear some vulnerability that is still hard rock" - LaChance

"Rina's awesome" - LaChance.

- 30-

- Radio Merced California

"ADHD the band in winnipeg"

Winnipeg Sun Thu, June 28, 2007

Thu, June 28, 2007

ADHD @ The Zoo

We weren't sure who to give top billing to here, since both ADHD and Sam Hell are from out of town. In the end, we made our decision based on the size of the press packages sent out -- in ADHD's case, a very formal-looking spiral-bound dealie with high-quality paper and a demo CD. That, plus two of the songs on their set list are called Fields of Joni and Ode to Madonna, and those are two of our favourite ladies.

- the SUN

"New Fan reviews"

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kensington Fan

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Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2007 4:53 am Post subject:
I got all buggered and missed Shitt Hottt today, but boy oh boy I'm glad I
stumbled on ADHD the band today in Kensington.

- Blog / internet

"PBS Radio Melbourne Australia"

"They're wack" - Ben Butcher PBS Radio


Dear Wavelength,

Here in Melbourne, I am playing bass with a band called ADHD, a quartet led by former Torontonian Rina R. Rosen that falls somewhere between Sabbath and PJ Harvey on the sludgy-yet-poppy continuum. We are rehearsing and recording in a house owned by the drummer, which admittedly is in a remote suburb named Mitcham, but it is still quite dreamlike to take over this unassuming domicile and turn it into a temporary home of the rock. This is what I want out of life, to have a relaxing, non-cramped space in which to make noise that doesn't bother the neighbours, to take coffee breaks and take the time that's really needed to create.
There is much talk back home of establishing live/work spaces for artists, but I get the sense musicians are off this agenda—because we are noisy and we bother the neighbours. But soundproofing technology isn't rocket science. It's about time we made our new city council aware of this need. In 2004, it's all about space. Happy New Year. I miss you tons, and wish you were here.
- Wavelength


Not to be too hard on Melbourne, as it’s a beautiful city, but it just ain’t the place for me. If you like Vancouver, you’d love it there. But a short-attention-span kid like me gets quickly understimulated in a mega-relaxed environment like that, where the mellowness seems to give way to a sort of vacancy.

And I’m sorry, but I found their music scene a little boring. I dug deep, believe me. The few good bands I saw were just less interesting versions of good things from elsewhere — a Jesus Lizard knockoff, a Kraftwerk/Stereolab knockoff, a Do Make Say Think knockoff... To be fair, I’m sure if I’d spent more time there I would have uncovered more originality.

Anyway, I wasn’t there to be a scenester, I was there to make a record and enjoy the weather. The ADHD recording ended up being a fantastic experience, despite (or perhaps because of) an almost total change of the original plan. On the day before we were set to begin recording, Rina got a call from the guy who was supposed to play drums, supply the recording gear and provide the space. For a variety of reasons I won’t get into but amount to ultimate proof of the “if it’s too loud you’re too old” axiom, he was bailing on the project completely. That’s right — it was now up to me to play the drums. As a drummer, well, I’m a pretty good bass player.

The task was daunting, but I was up to the challenge. I hadn’t really bashed the kit much since my days in the three-piece version of Currently In These United States (R.I.P.), almost two years ago now. We rented a rehearsal space and a drum kit, and I learned and practiced an album’s worth of songs for a solid week. Yeah, I picked it up again no problem, it was just like riding a bike... if riding a bike involved strapping cinder blocks to your ankles.

It was hard work, and to make matters worse, I came down with a stomach flu the night before we went into the studio. Nonetheless, I deliriously willed myself into pounding out all the bed tracks in a day and a half, including numerous painful trips to the loo. Despite my ability to bang out the bass overdubs in an hour and a half (commando styles, woo!), our tight sked didn’t leave me with time to see the rest of the country. I had to forego a visit to Sydney in favour of a more economical camping trip to nearby Phillip Island. We visited a wildlife park where you can hand-feed wallabies, get kicked by a ravenous kangaroo (as I did), and discover that in fact the most adorable Australian critter is the under-appreciated wombat, a cross between a koala, a pig and a beaver, with the sleepy, unfazed disposition of Matias from The Phonemes.

But the cutest thing we saw was undoubtedly the Penguin Parade, wherein hundreds of penguins come home from work (they’re out in the water all day fishing), pop out of the surf to the gleeful squeals of hundreds of delighted tourists, and waddle up the beach to their burrows. Nearing the end of my trip, it made me realize I was ready to get back to work, even though I’d been away on a working holiday. Don’t worry, I think I can make workaholism look good. - Wavelength

"88.1 CIUT Radio Toronto"

'ADHD the band has definitly put together a unique and great rock sound - true to the name'. - CIUT - Andy DJ


ADHD the band self titled alubm now available on ITUNES and CD BABY




ADHD the band mocks music history in a very subtle way to be serious yet entertaining. This is the Modern Era and ADHD the band will always be innovative. An Intellectual, Fun, and Sophisticated Rock band. ADHD the band mocks music history in a very subtle way to be serious yet entertaining.


In 2002, The Pink Pearl Dragon moved to Melbourne to experience the Australian music scene. While there, she met John Noonan, an amazing and gifted and kind guitarist who, together, the two began ADHD the band. They spent a year creating a rock influenced album, with creative artistic influences from old 80's films and classical rock. The first album was supposed to reflect the anxiety and paranoia of the encroaching new millennium: it seemed like everything was a copy at the time and nothing was original. The album was influenced by Classic Rock, Grunge, and 80s New Wave - like ADHD is attention deficit and a hyper active disorder - so is the music. The influences varied, and the focal point, allusive, the album was produced two years later in Canada, and performed by an all-girl band for 2007 and then a new band in 2008. The main song writer and creator The Pink Pearl Dragon continues to work as an entrepreneur in a variety of industries, while continuing the band in Toronto. Now, main players are living all over the world. There have been many members of ADHD the band, and each new member provides a unique element to the music being re-created. In 2007, ADHD the band was all girls. Now, ADHD the band is still re-forming and re-creating itself with an entire new image and new members for the band. The new album currently being written is going to be influenced more by Classic Rock, 80s Rock and Pop, and dance music.

ADHD the band is a concept band that was created by The Pink Pearl Dragon in Melbourne Australia in 2002, alongside John Noonan.

The two recorded the first album ADHD the band (Pink) importing Johnny Dovercourt from Toronto's indie scene to help with bass and consequently drums as well. Recorded in 2003/04, it was then produced in Canada in 2006.

The 1st ADHD the band self-titled album was produced by Tim 'Fox' Johnstone of Bakehouse Studios. Tim's production skills were put to use previously by Australia's infamous Nick Cave, and Vancouver's, The Waifs".

ADHD the band has been continued by The Pink Pearl Dragon


ADHD the band is not a regularly performing band. In 2007, and 2008, the band took on many forms and flew out to Seattle, Winnipeg, and drove to NYC to perform. Some of these performances can be found on For more information on The Pink Pearl Dragon please check out her myspace and sonic bids site