Aditi Tahiti

Aditi Tahiti


East Meets West. A classically trained Opera Singer learns the ways of the East. Harmonium mixed with a cascading waterfall of 4 octave vocal excellence. Bamboo pitched overtones while the Chinese tuned ukulele plays. An eclectic one woman band.


Aditi Tahiti has been a classically trained opera singer since the age of 12 years-old. She is a mezzo-soprano with a range of 4 octaves.

Within the past three years she has picked up the techniques of classial Asiatic forms of music and has played them on the harmonium. She has been training in the styles of ancient Greek, Kurdish, Sayyid and other forms of music. She also has a repertoire of classic Hindu devotional songs.

She has used her ability to learn and understand different forms of music in order to combine them in a way which has never been done before. She combines western instrumental backgrounds with eastern vocal styles, Eastern instrumental backgrounds and devotions (sung in Sanskrit & other languages) with Western vocalizations. Her ease in both worlds is displayed naturally on the stage and on her recorded performances.

While performing, she also loves to tell stories associated with the ancient forms of Eastern music. She has a natural adoration of these forms and feels that through her efforts she is allowing them to remain as alive and fluent as they were thousands of years ago.



Smaran Bhavam has been featured on Foxy Digitalis podcast radio.


no immortal human could live to stand these beats CDr released on Hearing Aid Records.


Smaran Bhavam released on Post-Asiatic 2 CD comp by URCK records

universe b released by Celesial Jars.

Set List

Universe B
Smaran Bhavam
East vs West
Sayyid Chant 1
Sayyid Chant 2
For Professor Skridlov