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Adiv Abramson

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Written By: Adiv Abramson

Before the clock ticks its last
Before the best of times have all but passed
Before the sun sinks slowly into the ground
Before what we've lost can never be found

Before all the bright lights start to fade
Before the final strains of youth's seranade
Before the wind swept plains wither and die
Before we cease to wonder and question why

Before our loved ones have all come and gone
Before there are no more battles to be lost and won
Before cynicism and indifference make fools seem wise
Before age and withering have cut them down to size

Before the flames of passion have finally flickered out
Before trust in God and man are replaced with doubt
Before we've learned enough not to repeat our mistakes
Before we've grown up enough to know what it takes

Before we're just a memory, to fade out of view
Before we realize there was so much more we could do
Before no one cares anymore why we were even here
Before we leave behind all the things we once held dear

Now is the one chance to live and to love
To make life more beautiful than we ever dreamed of
We will surely never pass this way again
If we don't act now, we may never know when

(C) 2011 by Adiv Abramson

That's Love

Written By: Adiv Abramson

You can't sell it
You can't buy it
But you really ought to try it
That's love
That's love

You can give it
You can take it
But you really ought to make it
That's love
That's love

It's the beads and baubles
You're holding in your hands
It's the needs and the troubles
That this life demands

It's the tears you been crying
Every lonely night
It's the fears you've been trying
To find the will to fight

What's gonna get you through it
How you gonna find your way
What gives you the strength to do it
What's left when there's nothing to say

That's love
That's love

You can feel it
You can know it
But you really ought to show it
That's love
That's love

You can help it
You can heed it
But one day you might just need it
That's love
That's love

You can read it
You can write it
But you can never fight it
That's love
That's love

(C) 2011 by Adiv Abramson