We are kiwi's sharing our music with the World. Our music is about our beliefs & diverse culture that we live in. Living in Auckland, New Zealand has made us what we are today. Of polynesian decent,we bring positive messages through our r'n'b,urban,pop tunes.


They are back after a long anticipated return, back with a fresh look and with one of New Zealands best music producers!

ADK are set to hit the music scene next Season with their latest offering, 'When We're Together' but you may not recognise them this time around, they have an almost entirely new line up.

The two faces that now front the group are Sarah Halatutavaha (fou nature) and Daniel Nathan (DVN)

Sarah first joined the group in 1998 where she worked on their first single, 'Samoana' which was produced by the late Phil Fuemana. (which still gains airplay on the hottest RnB pop radio stations today).
"I love this work and see it as another tool in being a positive role-model for young people." says Sarah.

Daniel (Auckland) is currently working on his new album, as well as developing ADK with his production skills

ADK recognises music as a powerful medium, they have aspired to use their musical talents to endorse positive social values and messages.
"we don't want our songs to be about nothing" Asey (Auckland) says " our music is about feelings and beliefs important to us and to the widely divergent community we live in."

Following the impact of Samoana, ADK recorded their second single, 'Love Come Down' and attained funding from NZ on Air to film the video clip to the song under "Fou Nature" before changing their name to "ADK".

In October 2001, ' Love come down' was released and successfully made it on to national play list of some of the most popular radio stations such as MORE FM and the Polynesian radio station – Niu FM.

The video clip, directed by Phillipa King with 3 crew members of Lord Of The Rings proved to be a hit with viewers. 'Love come down' went on to become the most requested video clip on TV 2's Mai Time show.

In November 2001, the same video clip to 'Love come down' was awarded the prestigious honour - 'Video of the year'. It was also nominated alongside Che Fu & International artists to gain Best R'n'B Video clip for "Juice TV Awards" that same year.

In 2002, 'Save Me A Ride' provided a taste of Reggae Pop by ADK with a Ragga Rap injection!

In 2005, the group have added an exciting new formula to their package, being the famous Hip Hop/ Contemporary music producer Alan Janssen (How Bizarre (OMC), In the Neighbourhood (SISTERS UNDERGROUND) and Bring it On (3 THE HARD WAY)

Following their last single, 'Its Our Party', ADK prepares to release 'When we're together' with their new dynamite composition.

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All I do is think about you,you stay on my mind.Everyday I hear you say that you're gonna come my way yeah. My Love is true & everything I do, it's just for you all i wanna do is:

Chorus: Samoana,Samoa ala maia,fai mai nei le faafetai. I le pule, ua e aumaia, lota nuu ia e ola,ia e ola ai.

All i do is celebrate,I've Loved you all my life,thru the rain & summer days you will always be my Life yeah. I will never be lonely,you can call on me & I will be there for you...chorus


Tracks Released for Radio Airplay: Samoana (1999),
Love Come Down (2001), Save Me A Ride (2003), It's Our Party (2004), Don't Say It's Over (gospel compilation - 2005), When We're Together (to be confirmed)

Set List

We specialize in performing covers of chart hits ranging from r'n'b & pop. we also have released 4x singles (written by Asey Lio) to date & in process of releasing a fifth single before an album release of original content