Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

It's like a strike of lightning hitting an empty can of Miller High Life, That or..
Rock music with catchy hooks, performed by musicians with years of classical training. Our music has been described as shoegaze and "spacerock" but maintains a dancy pop feel. The best of both worlds.


Believe it or not, Indie rock's best kept secret is the small close knit community of bands and artists from Oklahoma. In the wake of bands like The Flaming Lips, Starlight Mints, Other Lives, and Colourmusic, Admirals is emerging as one of the premiere bands in this region of the country. Hailing from Stillwater Oklahoma, home of Big XII's Oklahoma State University, Colton Tucker (Guitar/Vocals) Andrew Bair (Keyboards/Piano/Guitar) Cory Brewer (Drums) and Brett Murphy (Bass) make music that has been described as "What is missing from modern rock music (Aaron Legrands-Producer Nashville). Drawing comparisons from Radiohead, The Verve, and Dallas favorite Black Tie Dynasty, Admirals brings elements of new wave, folk, blues and jazz, industrial, as well as early influences in to their repertoire. With melodic guitar and keyboard lines paired with sweeping synths and driving drums and bass, Admirals creates an ethereal performance both sonically and visually in a live setting. Put together, the groups sound has even been described as "Space Rock" ( With fanbase and national support growing so rapidly, the future for Admirals looks anything but dim.



Set List

Set list is flexible. Artist often acts as an opener for national/touring artists, as well as headlines college circuit tours.

As a result, set times can vary anywhere from 30-45 minutes to 2 hours as negotiated with the band and management