Admiral T

Admiral T


He sings in Creole, French and English. His serious politically-conscious themes have made him a major artist, comparable, in his own style, to Kassav. His repertoire is the expression and the vision of a young artist willing to promote both the reggae culture and the rich creole identity.


ADMIRAL T is the primary, if not the only artist in the French Overseas departments, to defend the Reggae-dancehall scene to the general public.
Growing up in the ghetto has meant hardwork, struggling and constant progress.
Since his debuts and first concerts, he has developped a personal and artistic maturity
inspired from the musical Caribbean vibrations of reggae, gwo ka (the Antillean traditional drum), zouk, soca, salsa, etc...


2003 : Mozaïk Kreyol (album)
2004 : Mozaïk Kreyol (album) reedition
2006 : Toucher L’Horizon (album)
2010 : Instinct Admiral (album)
2011 : Phenomenal - Live at Zenith (DVD)
2012 : Face B (album)