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"Deluge Review: YME Magazine"

Author: Brian Rademaekers

Formerly known as Agnes Poetry, an independent Utah band with a Salt Lake City following in the mid 90’s, Adom9 is the collaboration on two brothers, Randon and Rannoch Purcell. They began a project in 2002 under the name Adom9 (“of the gods + number of years working together) in search of a new sound and soon began to release their songs on the internet. Their 2005 release Deluge is a two disc set that includes all of their work under Adom9. The first disc is a nice mix of dramatic pop ballads backed by electronica, heavy beats and bass. “Go On” (track three) is probably the best example of their electronic/pop synthesis, with a nice blend of guitar, fast-paced electronica and moving lyrics. Altogether the first disc of Deluge makes for reasonable electronic pop-mix with some notable ballads.
The second disc is where things begin to stray from the expected and into the bizarre. Miss de Deux Freres (“Mass of two brothers”) features Amy Recinos, a classical vocalist, singing the Latin lyrics of a catholic funeral mass from the Renaissance era over eerie electronica. While these two worlds may seem completely irreconcilable, Adom9 actually pull it off. Miss de Deux Freres is six tracks of vocals that range from Gregorian droning to the heights of Recinos’ soaring voice. The fact that it is in Latin and totally incomprehensible does not detract from the music, but actually richens it by allowing the ear to focus more on the voice as an instrument of sound rather than a conveyer of language. The tight progressive electronica keeps the music going while also building a nice sense of atmosphere. Granted, the requiem mass might not be appropriate for the dance floor, and can sound a bit like a church service at times, yet the combination of the two provides a compelling experience for those who enjoy the beauty of classical vocals and the pace and freshness of modern electronica.


Deluge: double CD



Adom9 is a combination of two seasoned musicians - brothers, Rannoch and Randon Purcell. The brothers have been a musical team since 1992 and have four albums and three singles to their credit under the name Agnes Poetry. Their most recent official release under the Adom9 project is the double-album Deluge which includes Missa de deux freres, an electronica requiem mass.
Randon is a classically trained pianist in addition to his ten-plus years of music composition and programming. His primary focus in Adom9 is the composition of music and instrumentation for all Adom9 songs. His music spans and combines many genres including break-beat/electronica, orchestral, and alternative.
Rannoch is a classically trained vocalist and pianist bringing over ten years of songwriting and vocal experience to Adom9. He sings lead vocals and composes the lyrics and vocal arrangements for Adom9. Rannoch holds his Bachelor’s degree in classical voice and composition.
The uniqueness and diversity of Adom9’s music is most clearly demonstrated in the above mentioned project Missa de deux freres (mass of two brothers) in which they have successfully fused sacred Renaissance music with modern electronica/breakbeat and orchestral music. Their dual release Deluge contains 2 discs, one of the mass, and another disc of alternative and dance songs, and even ballads.
Both of the brothers are seasoned performers. Their former project, Agnes Poetry, gained national exposure and resulted in heavy touring for many years. In addition to performance experience, Randon has also scored music for multimedia and film while Rannoch has done extensive studio vocal work.