BandHip Hop

My sound is like nothing else like there. Take a listen and see for yourself...


Born and raised in South East Washington, DC as Kirk Laurence. The trials and tribulations of his life are expressed in his melodies charged by insightful lyrics and ear-grasping tracks. The work of songwriter / artist / producer known as A-DON, will be introduced in his debut album "Motherless Child". Heron LLC, a music production and publishing company, will also release a collection of his writings entitled "Sentences From Life."

"A Man who Listens to what his Soul Speaks."

Member and founder of Heron LLC, a music production and publishing company based in Washington D.C., A-DON, was educated by the streets of SE D.C., but also in the traditional sense. Called the wise man on the streets because of his understanding, seen as a power player because of his elevation and longevity with his hustle; a businessman. A-DON, the artist, is the reflection of thoughts and emotions surfaced by the life Kirk leads. Confessions, anger, discontent with the norm, happiness, confusion, the message is in the life he leads.

The first artist/producer/writer to be introduced through Heron LLC, a street wise and socially conscious poet fueled by a passion for writing and music, a youth molded by the streets and culture of Washington D.C., introduces a style unseen and incomparable to any other recording artist to date. With deep lyrical melodies and ear grasping tracks, A-DON is a force that will be recognized..


"Motherless Child"