Classically trained electronic musician. 1/2 of Omega Clash. (Wednesday Sound/Ill Pill Records)


adoptahighway is the moniker of classically trained music producer Barry Paul Clark. Throughout his years of formal music training and receiving a bachelor’s degree in classical performance, Clark devoted time and efforts to his electronic compositions. The formal training helped Clark in developing a unique sound with knowledge of classical theory, harmony and composition techniques.

While drawing inspiration from romantic era to minimalist composers, Clark also gathers inspiration from patterns of thought and memory, physical and non-physical relationships, and using objects to represent an idea or emotion, which is how the moniker of adoptahighway was chosen.

Using controllers and performance software, his live shows are energetic, emotive, engaging and honest. Clark firmly believes that, rather than tag genres or artists to his music to give a predetermined expectation, listeners should be encouraged to open their ears and try to find their own connection to the sound.


Black Umbrella Be Inside - 7" EP on Wednesday Sound
Reshaped Escape - Limited-edition cassette w/ Dolor, Wednesday Sound
Terrorvision - 12" split w/ Sleetwalker, Ill Pill Records
chances, circumstances, conditions - digital release, Wednesday Sound
I can't remember - digital release, Wednesday Sound