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ADORA - "The Limited Edition Pre-Release"
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Feeling a bit camera shy


It all began 3 years ago when Chris and Allen Portman had assembled a makeshift bedroom studio. A place where they could throw down simple musical ideas at will. This helped with the sense of emptiness that had settled over their musical lives since neither had been playing out much for the past several months. They had been sequencing some music on a PC with Acid Pro, laying a few audio tracks, trying to capture those fleeting glimpses of musical ideas that they dreamed could one day turn into a masterpiece.

They knew this guy from church who was quite exceptional on the guitar. They didn't know him too well but knew that if he was willing he could definitely add something special to the songs floating around in their heads.
Mark Mireles agreed to bring his guitar by the house and just see what happened. If nothing else, everyone would jam for a while, maybe rattle some windows before going home. But something special took place on that fateful Tuesday night. These amazing songs started coming out of that bedroom as if they were a force all their own, able to give themselves life at will. Chris would start a groove, Allen would lay the bass line, and Mark would work out some ethereal melody on top it all. The chemistry was there. Somehow, in spite of or maybe even because of the differing backgrounds of each musician the most creative songs began to take form. There were still rough spots and some areas needed tweaking. For one thing, they didn't have a singer. But the music was so "in your face" and powerful, such a unique dreamscape that words weren't really fitting at the time. But despite the powerful sound of the music alone, the band knew they needed a singer if they were ever going to become a serious band with a message. And they knew that message had to be spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

Mark had always played jazz and country guitar along with steel pan drums for local bands and at church. Chris lived and breathed bands like the Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure, and found his drumming inspiration in guys like Jimmy Chamberlin and Chris McHugh. He had a diverse background in playing gospel, country, and blues tunes from all of the years spent playing in church and going on choir tours.
Allen had originally played drums for many years but had abandoned them altogther, choosing instead to pour his heart and soul into playing the bass. He had been playing the bass for at least two decades and had developed a signature style from his experience playing in church and by learning techniques from such artists as Abraham Laboriel and Tommy Simms.
The three members of this fledgling band had the diversity, the spontaneity, the giftedness, and the experience to instantly lock into each other and play like they had been together for years but they were still missing that essential element: a singer.

Everyone begged Chris to sing but he preferred to stay behind the kit. They claim he sounds a lot like Billy Corgan, but there's also lot of people out there who probably wouldn't like that whiney, screeching voice in a Christian band. And besides, there's only room for one Billy at a time. Allen wasn't going to do it either. So Mark said he would give it a try, at least until someone else came along to replace him so he could just focus on guitar. Everyone was amazed at his bravery. It was a completely new musical role to take on.

Suddenly the band realized it was time to stop looking for a vocalist. Mark's voice kept getting better and better. Soon it became clear that the vocalist had been in the band all along. Mark's voice had the slightest hint of country while still being smooth enough for pop, and with only a slight twang to let the world know this band was born and bred in the great Lone Star State.
It was just Mark's sound. And it fit the sound of the band perfectly.
The music began to take shape in the form of 70's bands like America and Fleetwood Mac, yet it retained this jazzy, funky feel that couldn't easily be dismissed after all of the gospel years.
So what does a band like this call itself? What kind of name fits music that doesn't fit any genre and all while retaining a Christian motif and purpose, even if not overt? After a few weeks of throwing ideas back and forth, ideas with which no one was totally happy, Chris felt a psychic thunderbolt suddenly strike his brain and had to tell the rest of the band immediately. "Let's call ourselves Adora. It's short for Adoration, it has a nice ring to it, it's catchy and ambiguous--just like the music."
"Perfect," everyone agreed.
This was the day Adora has born.
Since the band's inception they have performed at a variety of Houston area coffee houses, churches, musical venues, and festivals. Along the way connections were made with the Houston based producer of many stellar Indie bands: MD Thompson. The band just calls him "Mike." Mike loved the music and wanted to record and