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"The new kid on the block"

Michigan's own, A-Dot is the new prodigy killin' the north with his hit singles. This young cat is only sixteen years old, still has alot to learn to progress to make but please don't sleep on him, we believe he's gonna be a problem in the industry seriously. Watch this young cat 'cause he comin for that title. - Coast To Coast Mixtapes

"Muskegon artist interveiw"

Q:Why the name A-Dot?
A:Well when I was younger, around the age of eleven years old no lie, I was hustlin heavy on the streets wit all type of product. My former mentor "Pooh Bear" had started callin me "Dollas Off Trappin", months later he shorted it to "D.O.T.", then "Dot". Sooner or later he got shot to death & I jus start tellin niggas to call me A-Dot, & from there it was history, R.I.P. my heart "Pooh Bear" I'ma miss u dearly.
Q:What are you currently focusing on at the moment?
A:Man I'm just focusing on a money mission, doing gigs, more music, & my future.
Q:How long have you been familiar with the music?
A:Since a youngin', eight years old i was observing, age nine I was spittin fire, age eleven freestyle game was sick (ask da hood bout it, Wood st. stand up), age thirteen I was doing songs for my school & my hood, age fourteen I started takin it a lil more serious & every since it's been history in the making.
Q:How does it feel to have the streets & your whole city behind you?
A:It's all love my baby, I feel motivated & for my folks I'ma make it I promise. - We Run The Streets DVD


2008 - The Illustration (Blaze Fire Prequel)
2009 - Buildin An Empire (compilation with Y.N.T.)
2009 - Blaze Fire
2009 - The Illustration : Reality In My Conscious
2010 - Past My Prime
2010 - The Stick Up Kid Files
2010 - Swagga
2010 - Y.N.T. Jungle (compilation with Y.N.T.)



Growing up in a small town in Michigan, Muskegon is a tough place to grow up for a young black boy. Age of 8 years old, a young A-dot was heavily influenced by the block of videos that were always aired on B.E.T., later in this stage I was surrounded by music from all senses through my body. My older cousin "Yung Product" was a major influence to my production, he introduced me to fruity loops in which today my beats are professional at age 16. I started writing rhymes at age 9 & formed my label/group "Young-N-Thuggin Records" shorted to "Y.N.T.". This group consist of 4 artist including me & a D.J., the artist are Yung Rees, Unleash, Yung Chase, & I. The D.J. is Maniac, a mentor to me up to date. During Lil' Wayne's prime I was influenced to work on a mixtape in the summer of 2008, by early 2009 I had finished two mixtapes titled "Blaze Fire" & "The Illustration". Two months later I had finished "Buildin An Empire" with my group "Y.N.T.". In the summer of 2009 I've been planning to release all three titles digitally & through the streets. Currently I'm working on the finishing touches of "The Illustration", late 2008 a unofficial mixtape of "The Illustration" was released on minor internet sites & could be downloaded for free on "datpiff.com", just to get a feel of what I'm about to do to the rap game. Honestly, I'm sixteen years old & so talented that I have to be very confident in what i do best, also self-claim myself to be the "hottest teenage rapper ever". Basically, I mean I am up to par with big time industry rap artist, & I study how they become who they are, also how they came about & I try my best to do the same. My music is self explanatory, judge for yourself, I AM THE FUTURE OF HIP-HOP!