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""Broken Clocks" review by Riley Allen"

"Broken Clocks"
By Riley Alden
There are albums that evoke sonic lust upon the first listen. Broken Clocks from Adrenaline is not one of them. However, I don't give up that easy. Several of my all-time favourite records required the development of a closer relationship over the course of multiple plays. Much like the Brazilian girl I met in the record store (way back when they still could be found in a mall) that despised me when we first met. We wound up becoming the best of friends, once she took the time to get to know me. That is the best analogy I can give to illustrate the admiration I developed for the Broken Clocks release from Adrenaline.
For starters, having an actual CD to review was quite refreshing. From wrestling with the shrink wrap, to finally opening the jewel case and reading through the booklet insert of artwork and lyrics. I rediscovered the joy of a tangible album I hadn't known since the time of my frequent visits to the previously stated record store.
To be fair, the first go-round was on my laptop, thus I wasn't able to hear the full arrangement of all twelve tracks. Realizing the need to establish a closer relationship with Adrenaline, I decided a road trip was necessary. This was just the intimate setting needed to better acquaint myself with Cam Dickson, Jack Johnson, Mike Johnson and Dylan Pesino. It wasn't long before I was singing along. The only thing wrong... the lack of noticeable hooks. Fortunately, the vigorous guitars held in cohesion by the quick thumps of a driving drum line, and raw vocals made the need for such hooks a moot point.
Following our newfound amity, I brought Broken Clocks into my home and placed it in my stereo system to provide much needed motivation for my house cleaning duties. During the process of cleaning my house to OCD standards, the name ‘Adrenaline' began to take on its namesake. The cadence of the lyrics and their poetic prose resonated as the music reverberated through the walls of my home. The sonic lust I so desired, had finally come to fruition. Adrenaline and I just needed some quality time together.
As I sit here writing this and looking out my window, evidence of spring is starting to blossom. Adrenaline's offering of Broken Clocks seems a fitting end to the winter season. Lend your ear to the title track, and if you don't share similar adoration... just give it another hundred listens. It will grow to become a part of you. - Portal Magazine

""Broken Clocks" review by Heather Burke"

Adrenaline Broken Clocks

Reviewed By Heather Burke

Adrenaline is a young band that sounds like it was heavily influenced by 90's Alternative bands such as Soul Asylum, Sublime, or Sound Garden. I think it's great to hear bands embracing such a classic sound but also bringing it up to date and making it their own.

Broken Clocks is Adrenaline's debut album. Which makes me wonder what the future holds for Adrenaline! When a band debuts with such an amazing album there is only two things that can happen either their second album will blow the first one out of the water or they will crash and burn! I hope they don't crash and burn.

One of my favorite songs on this album is the title track Broken Clocks! It has a trippy 70's vibe to it, with a guitar riff that stands out but doesn't out shine the rest of the instrumental. I love it when artist stray from the norm to embrace a new sound or reuse a classic one!

I have to applauded Adrenaline for not only having ballad style songs such as Just a Dream on Broken Clocks but they also added a harder song The Darkness. Giving you a sample of what they are capable of. I expect to hear a lot more about this hot new artist from Sling Slang Records.

- Raven Entertainment

""Broken Clocks" review by Brian LaRue"

This 12-song album is crammed with earnest vocals, flashy guitar leads and a dynamic that calls to mind '90s alt-rock (i.e., songs that mostly don't go anywhere). The rock semiotics are all in place but the hooks aren't, so it all comes off as empty and cookie-cutter. The vocal melodies have similar interval patterns from song to song, which makes the songs run together. (When it comes to riffs and choruses, repeating a part won't necessarily make it memorable.) In "Falling Through a Cloud," an inspired melody crops up and proves the band can write a song that gets off the ground; unfortunately, it's the 11th song. Let's hope, in the future, they add substance to the style they've technically mastered. - New Haven Advocate


They released their 12 song album, titled Broken Clocks, in 2008, and it has been featured on WCCC's homegrown band of the week, and is played regularly on sundays in the homegrown show. It has also gotten airplay on 99.1 PLR, and various college and community radio stations.



Adrenaline is an innovative rock band, haling from Bristol, Connecticut. Their style can be defined as alternative rock, but it ranges deep into the many realms of music. A few groups which have influenced their sound are Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Say Anything, and Muse. Adrenaline is compiled of four musicians; Dylan Pesino, Mike Johnson, Cam Dickson, and Jack Johnson. Each of these individuals is young, but very passionate about music, and they are constantly learning more and more about their art. Also, Adrenaline has been working with the Connecticut label, Sling Slang, to produce their dubut album titled "Broken Clocks." Overall, this band of young musicians tries to create music which is very original yet is still within the styles that they love.