Musicians meet laptops, creating on the fly mash-ups in an exciting live experience of eclectic music supported by visual arts.


Adrenaline crosses the lines between Hip-Hop, Rock, Trance, Funk and World music, with a riveting live performance unlike anything you've seen in the world of electronica. Combining live drums and ripping guitar with pre-programmed original music, including top chart vocal samples, their powerful show includes mind-blowing visual delights, adding flare to their already impressive ear candy. Danny and Erez are not afraid to shine in the glare of the spotlight and take each song to a new place nightly. Written, arranged, produced and financed by the duo, Adrenaline's live performances have taken down the House of Blues in Hollywood and are perfect for underground DJ parties or national acts with an electronic touch. Danny's sounds and Erez's nuanced percussion lives up to the oft chronicled hype of the independent future of the music business.

Set List

Our standard set list is 45 minutes. It includes six remixes played continuously.