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"Adrenaline Sky – The Ultimate Illusion of Privacy"

Adrenaline Sky’s simple yet provocative style takes the listener through a variety of diverse moods in their recently released The Ultimate Illusion of Privacy. Beautiful lyrics grace the entire CD from the second track to the very end. While the artist’s lyrical abilities vary from track to track, songs like “Drowning Shadows” and “Alice” show just what this duo can do. The more compelling tracks like “Could That Satisfy?”, “Long Time Ago”, and “Brimstone” all show Adrenaline Sky’s ability to layer a variety of musical elements like lush cords and piano pieces into a blend of perfection. Easy going listeners can find perfect solace in most of the tracks, and the more heavily electronic oriented fans might lean towards tracks like “Pure”. The CD opens up with a mildly dramatic yet appropriate track “Nozomi” which compliments the songs to come. Starting slow the CD pushes off toward the more mellow consistency that defines most of the CD. Things lift of the normal track with “Long Time Ago” and “Drowning Shadows”, but slow down right after. Things sizzle down to a near perfect finish with “Brimstone”, and another harmoniously stringed final track “Beautiful Strings” that gives this CD a final kick. – DJ Jason Dekdebrun, KCSU 90.5FM

"Adrenaline Sky"

"The Eurythmics perfected the formula: the dude who stands in back, tinkering with the equipment, fronted by a chanteuse oozing icy mystery. Eric Smith and Shannon Alexander play Dave and Annie in Adrenaline Sky -- a Denver duo whose full-length, The Ultimate Illusion of Privacy, hints at the Brit-pomp of the Eurythmics while slipping in slivers of trance and electro. Beneath all the layers of phaser and synth, Adrenaline Sky has some serious songwriting installed; Alexander's voice would be equally at home alongside an acoustic or enmeshed in Smith's cybernetic contraptions." -Jason Hellar -- The Westword - The Westword


First 12-track CD, "The Ultimate Illusion of Privacy" with the 2nd CD nearing completion (August 2006).
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Adrenaline Sky formed after Eric Smith decided to pursue his dream of an original band playing dance-beat electronic and alternative rock music. He met up with Shannon Alexander by posting an online ad searching for singers interested in trying something new. In a climate of heavily rock-driven Colorado, ADRENALINE SKY was born. Now they are received as a brilliant new, refreshing sound and a force in their area.

This eclectic songwriting duo touches the hearts of fans across the world with their unique blend of Electronica and Alternative Rock. Their sound has been compared to Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Moby, Peter Gabriel, Garbage and Delerium all squeezed together.

To date, their music has reached the minds and ears of listeners ranging from Eastern Asia to Europe, India, Australia and the Americas. Multiple internet, college and indie radio stations as well as other avenues have allowed ADRENALINE SKY to be heard many miles away from their homebase of Denver, Colorado, USA.

The release of their CD "The Ultimate Illusion of Privacy" marks the broadening reach of Adrenaline Sky and will highlight their ability to touch a massive audience. Eric states "It's amazing. Each day, our music ends up being played somewhere in the world we never expected and with very little effort. The feedback is always extremely positive and encouraging. People tell us they love our music and want to buy our CD. We can't get enough of it."

ADRENALINE SKY has been able to also reach into multiple genres since the music touches on multiple genres such as Rock, Pop, Dance, Trance, New Age and even hard rock. This diverseness has allowed them to bring on a larger range of fans with little effort.