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Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Band Metal Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Adrenechrome has managed to make a new sound of their own, and it’s one you must hear.”"

“The riffs these guys blend together are just truly amazing. It’s progressive, but classic… technical, but groovy… thrashy, but melodic. They have to be a genre snob’s nightmare! The band says they’re influenced by the classic sound of Pantera, Sabbath, and Metallica, but also use the fresh sounds of Children of Bodom, High on Fire, and Mastodon. This has to be the truest statement I have ever read about a band’s influences. You can hear every last one of them reflect in the music, but Adrenechrome has managed to make a new sound of their own, and it’s one you must hear.” – -

"“The playing is tight in every department....."

“The playing is tight in every department and the lyrics are awesome as hell. Songs such as “Titan’s Fall” and “Locust Wings” are so catchy that they will probably be stuck in your head for days. With that, I think if Adrenechrome play their cards right and keep their innovative style of thrash fresh they may end up getting a lot of deserved attention. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future.” – -

"“This is truly a gem from the small metal mines of Ontario..."

“This is truly a gem from the small metal mines of Ontario, Canada. Adrenechrome is well worth your time and not just in listening to their music. They are an act that is a must see live. Their stage presence and the execution of the music is unbelievable! If they are playing near you I urge you, URGE YOU, to go see them!! You won’t regret it!” - -


"*THUD* Will be the noise your jaw makes when it falls off and lands on the floor. ONE OF THE BEST bands I've ever heard... Be sure to bring a towel to clean up the mess your face makes after it melts. "— matt elder, scootmachine entertainment - scoot machine entertainment





Like zombies with a taste for flesh... Adrenechrome is a quartet of heavy metal monsters set upon the world with an appetite to bring back good old fashion in your face, no frills rock n' roll. The early spring of 2010 saw the formation of Adrenechrome in their hometown of Orillia, Ontario. The four horsemen consisted of Chris "Chutty" Friesen - ripping riffs and furious lead vocals, Timmay Kehoe - stinging guitar and haunting background vocals, Matt Copeland - god of thundering drums operatic harmony vocals and Mike Van Dyke - dark lord of the rumbling, gut busting bass. All members shared the same love of heavy metal greats like Pantera, Black Sabbath, Think Lizzy, Metallica and the new fresh sounds of Mastodon, High on Fire and Children of Bodom. It wasn't long and summer saw the boys tearing it up for audiences around Ontario, showcasing their blistering all original set and becoming tighter every step of the way. Sonn, Ontario alone couldn't handle the roaring beast, Adrenechrome had to unleash it's fury outside the province and headed east to Ottawa and Montreal to give the francophones a stiff shot of old-school meets new school metal offerings, true Adrenechrome style. Their 1st tour was a smelly success, with the boys finding their road leg's quite nicely. So now as they spread like Ebola across the country and internet [and soon the world] these harried road warriors will continue to unleash sonic mayhem, liquefying the guts and minds of any man, woman, animal, mineral and vegetable within ears shot.