A native of Lisbon, Portugal, Adriana has played music as long as she can remember. After graduating on classical flute performance at the age of 16, she flew to Paris to audition for a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Two years later, she graduated summa cum laude at age 21.
While in the USA, Adriana honed her skills in performance, songwriting, arranging, production and music business. She worked in America as a professional musician, playing in many concerts, on recordings, for television and radio, and at private and corporate events. And also worked just long enough in an office "cubicle" to know that the sedentary life was not for her. It was time to move, and move she did. She started writing songs, and made a demo, leading to her signing with Universal Music and her debut record release this year.
At 25, Adriana is a special and unique talent; a singer-songwriter, an instrumentalist, a producer of note... a musician of depth and breadth.
Characterizations have never intimidated Adriana when it comes to her art. Her "take no prisoners" approach has propelled her to well-deserved respect among musicians, writers and producers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Her musical style crosses over from traditional forms to contemporary streams of popular music, incorporating the varied sensibilities of swing-jazz, pop, blues, funk, rock, latin, and world musics.
Adriana writes, sings and performs original music in the Portuguese language, though she will occasionally lapse into English.
Her dynamic performances leave audiences transformed and spellbound. Her seductive voice, iconic lyrics and mesmerizing stage performance will leave you astounded and wanting to see and hear more.
With her current debut CD in stores, Adriana has made two things clear for certain: That she is a music force to be reckoned with, and that she is here to stay.


DEBUT ALBUM - "ADRIANA" - Universal Music Group