Adriana Lorenzi

Adriana Lorenzi

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From Italian - Venezuelan parents, born in Maracaibo city (Venezuela), still is her home.

She became a songwriter at the age of 8, her early years in music began taking piano lessons. Later became interested in developing skills on other instruments such as guitar and further on singing techniques.

On 1999, she becomes a founder of the band named “Oceano” and records her first musical production assuming the roles as a singer, Co-author and Co-producer. “Oceano” gives Adriana live experience, while performing at the known night clubs and discos in and out of her natal city. Also performed as front bands to open shows for recognized artists such as “Voz Veis” and “Ricardo Arjona” with an audience of about 6000 people.

On 2002, she becomes a member of Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI). At the end of 2004, she begins her own CD, under the production of Fernando Valladares, included 5 own tracks, and the rest from other prestigious Venezuela composers like Frank Quintero. Mixed and mastered by German Landaeta, in the city of Caracas, this CD Album fulfills all the characteristics of what professional work represents.

During 2006, she starts debuts her solo career project with the name “Adriana Lorenzi ”, in which she plays the guitar and sometimes piano, along with three talented Maracaibo musicians: Fernando Valladares (drums), Humberto Rodriguez (guitar) and Andrei Caliman (bass). The band continuously performs live in many local scenarios.

She also was awarded by reviewers from for the “Best Pop/Rock Female Vocals” for her song “Seguire Esperando” in the week of 15 May 2006.

On November 2006, she makes the official presentation of her Album “SEGUIRE ESPERANDO”, with the presence of 200 press personalities, who made the best critics of the album, after she was performing a show where she sang 6 of the tracks, fused to a show of lights and videos, at the prestigious night club “Mi Vaquita” in Maracaibo city.

On January 2007, she was awarded by “Bibas Café” (Maracaibo) as the best female singer that had perform during year 2006 in the Cafe, nomine given by outnumbered votes from the clients.

On September 2007 her song "Palabras" is included in the "Violet Femmes Compilation Vol.1" from canadian RPW Records. At the same time her full album will be on sale through iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic, Musicnet and Sony Connect.

As of to date, she is promoting her second single "Palabras", with a video, and by offering interviews around the most important cities of Venezuela.

More Info:


Album: "Irreal" (Band: Oceano) Year: 2003

Album: "Seguire Esperando" (Adriana Lorenzi) Year: 2007
- First Single: "Seguire Esperando"

- Second Single: "Palabras". This song has a video that you can see on

Both have radio airplay, and were included in two different soap opera's soundtrack wich are produced and trasmitted in the most important venezuelan tv channel "Venevision")

Set List

Adriana's shows are about 45-60 min.
- "You oughta know" - Alanis Morisette
- "Sweet Child o'mine" - Sheryl Crow version
- "Torn" - Natalie Imbruglia
- "We will rock you" - Queen
- "Hella Good" - No Doubt
- "Music" - Madonna (own rock version)
- "Seguire Esperando" Adriana Lorenzi
- "Palabras" (and also an english version)Adriana Lorenzi
- "Mi Soledad" Adriana Lorenzi
- "Esta Vez" Adriana Lorenzi
- "Quiere Llover" Adriana Lorenzi
- "Nadie sabe nada" Adriana Lorenzi
- "Volcan" Adriana Lorenzi
- "El rey no lo sabe" Adriana Lorenzi
- "Aqui solita" Rosario
- "80' Medley: Karma Chameleon, Walk like an egiptian, Walkin on sunshine, Faith, Footlose."
- "This Love" Maroon 5
- "The look" Roxette
- "I love Rock and Roll" Joan Jett