Adrian Bartholomew

Adrian Bartholomew


A producer once labeled my sound, "satanic celtic rock stuff." Not exactly my intentions, but this describes my sound well. In my own words I would say, "dark, but always with a light in the distance."

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Strange Love, Strange Place... E.P.
-just finished recording, am currently working towards copying and distributing.

Set List

Instead of having a standard set list, I generally like to have a list of various songs (in no particular order) with which I can get a feel for the particular crowd, and improvise a set list during the show.

a typical list may look like:

Shadows (of Lovers)
Free Hearts
Anticipating the Storm
I Don't Want to Love You
Buddha Is Mah Homeboy
Stars Laughing
Your Prayer
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)
Forget Her (Jeff Buckley cover)
Phantasmagoria in Two (Tim Buckley cover)
Strange Fruit (Nina Simone cover)
Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)
Dancing Alone (Ours cover)