Adrian Crowley

Adrian Crowley


Like A heartbroken steam engine whistling Tennyson's 'In Memoriam' as set to music by Leonard Cohen.I didn't think of that description of my music but who am I to disagree?


Signed to Domino Publishing/Tin Angel Records (UK), Ba Da Bing! (USA)Choice Muisc Prize 2007 nominee.


~A Strange Kind- album 1999/2001 (LP)
~When You are here you are family -2001 (LP)
~A Northern Country- 2004 (LP)
~Long Distance Swimmer- 2007/2008 (LP)
~Bless Our Tiny Hearts - 7" Single 2007- Fence Records
~Rough Trade Songwriter (2006 )- Mute Records (compilation)
~'Migrating Bird' (Tribute Album/compilation) - (2007) EMI/ Honest Johns

Set List

Set usually around 1 hour.
Set often changes.