Adrian DeRosa

Adrian DeRosa

 Rochester, New York, USA

The missing link between the jam bands of the old age and the future of pop culture. Earthy tones, combined with intricate dance beats, roaring blues licks, and powerful vocals ease your mind and please the senses in this compassionate new style of music.


Adrian DeRosa is truly a master of his own craft. Blending a style of guitar that has proven to be a product of his own talents with soft falsetto vocals, catchy synth melodies, and mesmerizing harmonies, his music tells the tales of struggles, long love, and an unwavering determination for success. Whether captivating audiences with his raw and honest words or slaving away in the studio on his next track Adrian’s drive, spirit and work ethic unmistakably belong to that of an artist destined to top the charts.

Currently Adrian has been working with multi-platinum producer Sean Gill and Nightlife Studios to complete his Debut EP, “Dream World Time Zone” scheduled to drop June 2011, just in time for summer. Adrian’s soulful messages, intertwined in a powerful compassionate new feel of music, make him one of the top new artists to keep an eye out for in 2011.

“The atmosphere of NYC has brought me new life. I feel energized and things finally feel right. I believe destiny has paved this path for me and it’s my time to walk it.”
-Adrian DeRosa


Dream World Time Zone EP

Set List

Dream World Time Zone
Wait A Minute
Two Worlds
Automated Love