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"Thank You Adrian!"


I am now sitting in my office following four days of Soul Thirst. To be honest, I am having a hard time even processing what God has done in our church, community and in my life personally. I have been pastoring for 24 years and have never experienced anything like we experienced the last four days. God's Spirit fell each night that Adrian spoke. Let me just share one experience that occurred on the last night. We had many Jr. High students at the church that night. In fact, we had a capacity crowd. Adrian shared the Four Chairs sermon and God's spirit of conviction swept across the sanctuary. Those who accepted Christ were taken to other rooms where altar counselors met with them. I would estimate there were about 50 who came forward that night alone. I went into the room with the girls because we only had one lady and there were at least 20 young ladies in that room. I explained that I was not going to spoon feed them a prayer to pray but that it was important for them to confess their specific sins and then surrender their lives to Jesus and ask for forgiveness. I then asked them to bow their heads as well knelt before God. With in a minute or two I began to hear weeping. The girls were crying out to God. It broke my heart. In fact, even writing about it now brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Adrian and Luke for your infectious spirit. I pray we have caught the infection terminally. God bless.

Decatur Cornerstone
- Mark


Still working on that hot first release.



Adrian Despres became a Christian while playing football for Furman University (Greenville, SC). As a respected student, athlete, and peer, Adrian began sharing his faith with others as he used his God-given public speaking abilities. This was the beginning of Adrian’s Itinerant speaking ministry.

In 1990, after graduating from Seminary at Columbia International University, Adrian joined the Itinerant Ministry Staff of Kingdom Building Ministries with whom he continues to serve today. In addition, Adrian serves as the Chaplain for the University of South Carolina's football team. His ministry reaches thousands of students and young adults each year and has brought thousands into a relationship with Christ. Adrian’s passion to see lost souls saved and Christians called into a life of laboring for God continues to propel his ministry.

Adrian lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with his wife, Lisa, and their children, Rachel, Branson, Kaitlyn, and Benjamin. To learn more about Adrian visit

Event Availability

1. Senior High Camps
2. University Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
3. Athletic Events
4. Men's Events
5. Crusades
6. Multi-Church Events
7. Youth Conferences
8. Junior High Camps
9. Laborer Training Conferences
10. Leader Training Conferences
11. Pastors Conferences
12. High School Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
13. Sunday Morning Church Services
14. Mission Conferences
15. Church Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
16. Family Camps
17. Festivals

Audience Captivity

Adrian's ministry focus is College, Senior High, Young Adult and Adult groups where he can challenge Christians to share the gospel and develop a deeper love for God. God also uses him to bring pre-Christians to repentance.

Ministry Passions

Leading people to Christ who do not know they are lost (an evangelist to the church)
Leading college and youth to a totally surrendered life
Spreading awareness of evangelism and missions
Rebuking people of their sinful ways, especially those ways people have gotten used to
Top messages

4 Chairs: A message that pinpoints where people are in their relationships with God and has a strong push for salvation and rededication
Delighted in Suffering: Adrian Despres uses his high-energy style to share a very different perspective on suffering. He says we can delight in suffering - even as the apostle Paul did.
The Worst Verse: A strong evangelistic message that is based on the biblical definition of belief.
Loving Father: A message based on the prodigal son that focuses on repentance in the context of the loving character of God.
Bricks & Sticks: (currently not available on CD) A message that emphasizes salvation and repentance and a Christian's role in being prepared for coming judgment.
Bread of Life: (currently not available on CD) A message that is strong in discipleship and illustrates the importance of Jesus' exhortation to follow Him at any cost.