Adrian Emberley + The Revolving Band

Adrian Emberley + The Revolving Band

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Experiencing the Adrian Emberley Band is synonymous with sipping espresso with Regina Spektor, and John Lennon in an intimate cafe in Paris. Lou Reed is playing the upright piano in the corner and Damien Rice is whispering in your ear...


“The band was definitely the surprise of the evening, their songs and arrangements revolving around Emberley’s hook-laden, occasionally eccentric singer/songwriting a la Regina Spektor. To an unassuming bystander, the set was a sort of transient glimpse into a world of prolific, schooled musicians at an age when ideas flow forth in avalanches.” - Adam Arrigo, Northeast Performer

Fresh out of the halls of the renowned Berklee College of Music, Boston’s Adrian Emberley is poised to make a huge mark in the Singer/Songwriter world with her debut EP, Love. For a woman of only 23 years, Emberley writes with a level of sophistication that one would expect from a more seasoned artist. This aptitude for creativity is likely a result of being raised by a family of artist that includes her grandfather, Caldecott Medal winning children’s author Ed Emberley (Drummer Hoff, Go Away, Big Green Monster!). Her songwriting is clever and her lyrics have a transcendent quality that truly connects with the listener in a personal way. Despite her mastery of song forms and musical techniques there’s an indisputable realism to her music that is tragically lacking in these days of sanitary sounds and predictable lyrics.

The Adrian Emberley Band is also a product of the Berklee machine and each member brings the level of talent that one would expect from such a well-respected institution. Michael Dylan (Michael Dylan and the Sleepwalkers) assists Emberley on guitar and bass and even shares the vocal spotlight on the chilling ballad “Unseen Love”. Cellist Calin Peters (The Young Republic) bows in sounds that are sometimes lighthearted and at other times affecting. Peters’ voice also provides the background harmonies throughout the album. Drummer Daniel Roman's (Izze Creo) eccentric jazzy style provides a backdrop of beats and fills that seem to perfectly accent the most dramatic moments of Emberley’s music.

Love begins with the light and whimsical “For Me” which feels a bit like a warm spring day. The title track “Love” is moving and almost seems perfect for the closing credits of a romantic film. This is followed by the bouncing 6/8 narrative “The City”. The heavy hits and dark harmonies of tracks like “We Don’t Live Here Anymore” and “So Good Today” showcase Emberley’s skills as both a writer an arranger. The more subtle tracks like “This Story” and “Unseen Love” are intimate and heartfelt. Despite the often-emotive subject matter there’s also a pop-friendly catchiness to the choruses and hooks. Each song tops out at less than three minutes, leaving the listener almost aching for just a bit more. From song to song, Adrian is able to touch on the truest of human emotions in a completely unpretentious way. Adding to this authenticity is the album’s production. It was primarily recorded live to 2” tape and there is almost no use of effects. The end result plays much like a private show from some amazingly talented musicians. All of these factors will certainly ensure that fans will want to listen to Love again and again.



Written By: Adrian Emberley

I've got 100 miles to go through
I've got 100 miles to find you
so you take the high road and I'll try the low

Oh oh oh oh oh

I've got 100 bottles to go through
I've got 100 bottles to find you
I've been to every bottom and no one was there

oh oh oh oh oh

I've got 100 hearts to break through
I've got 100 hearts to lose you
You stole them all
But I'll break you frist

oh oh oh oh oh
So you take the High road and I'll try the low
i've been to every bottom and no one was there
F D7
You stole them all But I'll break them first
So I'll meet you there

words and music by Adrian Emberley

I Missed The Days

Written By: Adrian Emberley

Before my time people use to sing of many things that they believed in
If they didn't they'd sing anyways cause they knew that life was only day to day
Love is real or real is love but either way
The times they are a-changing for the worst it seems anyways
Where did they go why does no one care no more
Father Apathy's come to take their work away

I missed the days (4x)

The man who raised me we don't speak no more but I still
Remember times riding in his car
He taught me life through other peoples words he could not say
The love you take is what you make I lived alone on Abbey road
And I played with the toys attic it was the only way he knew how to raise a kid
Well it better than never talking again

I miss the days(4x)

Beauty smiles skies a fight Paris at night
An orgasm hurricanes birds and fist morning light
A broken heart another birth please t o your fore fathers
It all together and we are here to create
we are here to create(8x)

I missed the days(8x)


The Adrian Emberley Band - Love (Album 2008)

Set List

For Me
The City
We Dont Live here
This Story
Good Today
Unseen Love
If I'm Gone This Time Next Year
The Road
I Missed The Days
The Road
Doo Doo Doo
Bare Feet
The One
I'll Meet You There
Who's Gonna Love Me
In The Middle Of The Midnight
Only Love

Tango Til They're Sore
(Tom Waits)
(Sufjan Stevens)
I'm Yours
(Jason Mraz)
I'm Sticking With You
(Velvet Underground)
Measuring Cups
(Andrew Bird)
(The Kinks)
After Hours
(Velvet Underground)