For fans of Sheryl Crow, Ani DiFranco, Shawn Colvin, Sarah McLachlan. Simply put, it's rare that you find poignant imagery like hers.


Adrianne has shared the stage with artists such as Jeff Buckley, O.A.R, Matt Nathanson, and Garrison Starr. Recently you may have heard of her as the grand prize winner of the USA Songwriting Competition (out of 30,000 entries) but in addition to that Adrianne has also received other awards such as the Boston Music award for "Best New Singer Songwriter" or the SESAC award for "most promising young songwriter.” Adrianne has sold over 5,000 copies of her independent release "For Adeline” and she’s had over 95,000 downloads on internet in the past 2 months! Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Adrianne was signed to a Publishing deal with Mosaic Music, to industry veteran Lionel Conway (U2, Tom Waits, Cat Stevens, Robert Palmer). Adrianne has written with several established songwriters such as David Batteau (Bonnie Raitt), Jeff Trott (Sheryl Crow), Jon Lind (Madonna), Rodney Alejandro (The Temptations, Selena) and Anne Preven/Scott Cutler (Natalie Imbruglia- “Torn”). Adrianne also has her song “Comets” featured in the feature film “Eulogy”, which premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. She will have her song “Bombshell” featured on the soundtrack for the show “Witchblade”, alongside artists such as Suicidal Tendencies and Roger Daultry from The Who.


10,000 Stones

Written By: Adrianne

10,000 Stones

My days are filled with mistakes
Some that I didn’t make
I carry them around
Some people don’t weigh a thing
Some kind of blissful dream
Wish I could feel that now
And feel nothing now, cuz

10,000 stones are hanging deep in my heart
no I don’t know how they don’t tear me apart
how could I ever believe
10,000 stones would build the best of me

I’ve seen a lot in my life
I’ve seen two wrongs make a right
When everything was crashing
I know that you got your plans
You’re always making your stand
But I was only asking
I was never asking for

10,000 stones hanging deep in my heart
no I don’t know how they don’t tear me apart
how could I ever believe
10,000 stones would build the best of me

who knows what you think of me now
knowing sooner or later the truth would roll out
but I don’t want to look back
don’t want to go back to

10,000 stones hanging deep in my heart
no I don’t know how they don’t tear me apart
how could I ever believe
10,000 stones would crush the little things
10,000 stones would be a strange blessing
10,000 stones would save the fool in me
10,000 stones would build the best in me.

Shooting Star

Written By: Adrianne

Shooting Star

You shine in my eyes
Frozen still, open wide
Come down, fill my heart
With a fire you flaunt
And I can’t say a word
They would only sound absurd

Maybe you’re my shooting star
Blindly falling through the dark
Burning a hole in my sky so fierce, so bright
Maybe it’s all I need, so baby come shoot through me
Wishes won’t survive on you tonight

If you stay for good
On the ground, think you could
It’s not a life that you lead
Just a path following
Everybody else has you aiming at yourself


Silver tear, fall for me and forever
You belong here, my love can fly you higher
Higher, higher

Breakdown CH


When She Takes

Written By: Adrianne/D.Batteau

When she takes
She takes me far from my mistakes
God knows I’ve made some
I have run and I have fallen
Tearing all my curtains down
Here she comes, my only freedom
A note slips under my door

I can feel her, I believe her
When she tells me it’s ok
I know she’s trying, if she’s lying
It don’t matter anyway
Cuz she makes me stronger, stronger one more day

When she breaks
She makes my heart break
Loves me like a wrecking ball


Oh my love, my shining river
The valley is dark, but you know the way
A listening choir, my hallelujah
You’re not afraid of what I can’t see

I can feel you, I believe you
When you tell me it’s ok
I know you’re trying, if you’re lying
It don’t matter anyway
Cuz you make me stronger, stronger when you take
You make me stronger, stronger when you take
When you take.


Old Leather - 1st Independent Release

For Adeline - 2nd Independent Release

"10,000 Stones"- to be released early July

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Set List

A typical set is aprox. 45 minutes, on occasion it includes a cover.