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Louisville, Kentucky, United States | INDIE

Louisville, Kentucky, United States | INDIE
Band Christian Gospel


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"Adrianne Archie featured on R&B/Soul group, Klientel's "Daily Trade""

Klientel, a Louisville-based underground R&B duo, sings in the tradition of the corner boys of old. These were men and boys who graced the stoops of at least one corner in everybody's hometown, crooning popular recordings and writing their own songs. These were men and boys who dedicated hours of their time to the perfection of clear, three-part harmony, to the delicate delivery of falsetto doo-wop and later, rhythm and blues standards. These were the men and boys whose dreams, limited by circumstance, were rarely realized. Carlis Phillips and William Beason are their sons, the final generation who will undoubtedly leave the stoop.

Their latest underground release, "Daily Trade," makes obvious their heritage. They pair a particular attention to harmony with gospel tradition, layering three-part harmony over gospel chords. The beauty of "Daily Trade" lies in each artist's mastery of his or her craft. Lyrics, music, and the vocal quality of the lead singers combines to make a high-quality recording.

Klientel's range is extraordinary; the duet can move from a clear, Smokey Robinson-esque falsetto to a gritty tenor. Furthermore, Klientel constructs unique harmony with the building blocks of their voices. In the duo/ group tradition, some simple harmonies have become mundane and predictable. In songs like "home," Klientel strays from cliché harmony with their brave and experimental choices.

Next to the beauty of the duet's voices, the keyboarding is the most powerful element of the production. Utilizing gospel chords and the creative improvisation that is a fundamental and unique element of black music, the keyboard artists on "daily trade" create a layer of music that acts as more than a flat bed for the brothers' voices. Instead, the keyboarding and programming adds to the energy of Klientel's vocal delivery, recreating the atmosphere of the raw energy that occurs in the studio.

While underground artistry has obvious limitations, it does allow for a creative control that is not available to all mainstream artists. For example, many commercial artists put together collaborations based on the other artist's name in the business, not their vocal compatibility. Klientel's position allowed them to feature Adrianne Archie, another up and coming artist whose talent matches their own. In "Brother/ Sister," Archie's belly-deep, full-fledged alto pairs with Klientel's improvisation to create the magic that is good music. So good, in fact, that the listener actually feels the words, "Brother, don't you fight/ It's all a part of life/ The power's in your mind/ You're gonna get it right..."

Underground music also allows for more creative lyrics. In songs like "Change the Game" and "Summertime," the men become melodic griots, paying as much attention to the story told as the delivery of each sweet note. As is true with many R&B recordings, one of the best songs is actually an extended interlude. Called "Secure," the song is sculpted as a praise poem, an ode to a lady who is doing all the right things to keep her man at home.

Klientel stands on the shoulders of their porch-crooning predecessors. From this vantage point, they see nothing but success. "Daily Trade" is available at and

- Hilltop(Howard University News Media)

"HTHAELHH is an example of what music mingled with ministry can be"

HTHAELHH is an example of what music mingled with ministry can be.
Reviewer: Asha French
“He That Hath an Ear, Let Him Hear” (HTHAELHH), a reference to Revelations 2:29, and 3:22, is a fitting title for Adrianne Archie’s debut album. Gone is the responsibility of the artist to shape her sound to fit the homogenized group called “audience.” Simply put, those who have spiritual ears will hear what the spirit says. Moreover, those who have musical ears will find the messenger so, so easy to love. ** HTHAELHH is a genius musical revision of church service. The first interlude is a welcome song, which evokes the hugging and handshaking that occurs during black church fellowship. The album also includes devotionals that can be called anything but standard, and songs that pack the power of sermons. The album even ends with an invitation to salvation, in which Archie sings, “Why not take a chance? A chance on love?” ** What is a church service without testimonial? “Always on Time,” easily one of the most beautifully crafted songs on the album, is Archie’s personal testimony about her miraculous recovery from spinal degeneration. In it, Archie adds a witness’s whisper to a Dr. Dre-esque beat. ** “Always on Time” is just one example of the combination of Afro-Christian adages with other musical influences. Herein lies Archie’s genius. In songs like “It is Well,” (preceded by Joel L. Goodwin’s masterful keyboarding of the original song), “What a Fellowship,” and “Saints Go Marching In” (a reprise to “Way Home”), Archie remixes the songs of her foremothers and fathers fiercely, bringing her generation’s voice to the church service. These songs, laced with the wisdom and hope of a people forced to endure, are Archie’s birthright. HTHAELHH pays tribute to the deacons and mothers of the church who sang their songs from the deepest pit of their bellies, armed with little more than a tambourine and the stomping of their work-worn feet. ** Still, Archie is much more than a revisionist. Songs like “Way We Praise,” “Aingonlechugo,” and “You Never Change” illustrate her originality, her ability to interpret proverbs with a fresh sound. Remix or original, none of these songs would work without Archie’s crisp delivery, her incredible range, her willingness to dilute her strong alto to a hush for effect, or her experimentation with rhythm and chant. Words alone can’t explain the other sounds—the climbing up the musical scale, the twisting and turning of notes until they are something new altogether, the runs that seem infinite, the notes that start in the diaphragm and dance somewhere between a field holler and a grandmother’s hum, the quiet notes sang in a clear falsetto that grow rocks in the throat and make the tears fall free. HTHAELHH is an example of what music mingled with ministry can be. ** Adrianne Archie has grown from the pigtailed girl who sang standards with a woman’s voice, shifting from one foot to the other, encouraged by church members shouting “Let him use ya!” She listened to their advice, laying “self” aside to become an open-mouth messenger, pushing sinners and self-proclaimed saints to recognize their similarities. In the end, we are all His children; we are all so easy to love.

- Asha French- former Editor of HU Hilltop Newspaper

"Pull Some Money Out of A Hat"

The 52nd Annual WHAS Crusade for Children Variety Show kicks off Saturday, June 4, 2005 at 8:00pm live from the Bomhard Theater at the Kentucky Center in downtown Louisville. Admission is FREE!

The 52nd Annual WHAS Crusade for Children is a reunion of Kentuckiana’s top magicians. Master magician Lance Burton headlines and he’s bringing along the man Penn and Teller call their favorite forensic magician, Louisville’s own Mac King. Admission is free Saturday June 4th, 8:00pm at The Kentucky Center in downtown Louisville.

Joining the magical duo is Kentuckiana Idol Winner, neo-soul and gospel singer Adrianne Archie. Singer/songwriter Tim Krekel adds his brand of rock and roll to the event at the Kentucky Center’s Bomhard Theatre. Bluegrass performers Storefront Congregation bring a touch of Americana to the show.

To tickle everyone’s funny bone there will be the Juggernaut Jug Band. The Diane Moore Dancers and the Miracle Dancers join Roger Dane with his Crusade Orchestra to toss some youthful energy into a packed show.

But the line up is not complete without mentioning the harmonic melodies of Crusade regulars Anissia Anderson and Melissa Combs.

About the WHAS Crusade for Children

In 2004, the WHAS Crusade for Children raised more than 6 million dollars and provided 177 grants to 146 different agencies and programs. Over 100,000 children are receiving help this year because of the generosity of Kentucky and Indiana residents, as well as people from across the world.

The WHAS Crusade for Children, Inc. is supported by almost 200 paid and volunteer fire departments, hundreds of churches, civic groups, employee clubs, payroll deduction withholdings and thousands of individual donors. One hundred percent of every donation given to the WHAS Crusade for Children goes to help a special needs child. Since 1954, residents of Kentuckiana have given more than $108 million to help better the lives of special needs children in all 120 counties in Kentucky and more than 50 in southern Indiana. The WHAS Crusade for Children is the most successful single station radio/telethon in the nation.

For further information contact the WHAS Crusade for Children at 502.582.7706.

"Local Gospel Artist to be featured on KET"

LOUISVILLE, KY — Adrianne Archie, Louisville’s newest inspirational gospel artist will be featured on the KET show, Mixed Media on Tuesday, May 24 at 8pm.

Archie takes the stage with her powerful voice on the video arts magazine show—the only arts program in the state. During Tuesday evening’s program, she shares the spotlight with Louisville filmmaker, Stu Pollard and Clarinest, Daniel Goldman.

Archie will be singing songs from her new CD entitled, “He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear.” The project dropped on November 19, 2004 and is available at various local record stores and on the internet. Currently, “He That Hath . . .” is getting major airtime on local radio stations.

The music has a broad appeal and has been well received. The sound is reminiscent of gospel, rhythm and blues, neo-soul, and jazz. Archie mixes these genres to create her own unique sound that is food for the soul.

A graduate of University of Louisville, Archie has toured all over Kentucky and the Midwest, bringing a message of strength, motivation, and encouragement. She’s opened for an array of gospel artists, from Karen Clark-Sheard to Vicki Winans. In November 2004, Archie sang at the Louisville Defender’s Black Expo, opening for national recording artist, Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr singers. More recently, Archie opened for Forgiven, Shea Norman, and Stephen Heard--to name a few--at the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards After party in Nashville, TN. On June 4, she is on stage the 52nd Annual WHAS-11 Crusade for Children.

Adrianne Archie’s sound is powerful, innovative, and eclectic. She brings a fresh sound to contemporary gospel.

Tune into Mixed Media on Tuesday, May 24 at 8pm, KET channel 15, cable channel 13. The show repeats on Saturday, May 28 at 6pm, KET 2, channel 68, cable channel 15.

For interview and photographic opportunities and/or more information, please contact Carlis Phillips, President and CEO, Soul LinQ Productions, LLC at (502) 586-6130 or Candice Johnson, (502) 718-6095, or visit For additional information on Mixed Media, email
- Candice Johnson

"Gospel's High Note"

Onstage, a petite, chesnut-skinned woman closes her eyes, tilts her head back and positions her microphone perpendicular to her mouth. She holds the pose and the note for what seems like hours. This is Adrianne Archie, 24, a musical hybrid of Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson and Billie Holiday. Born with their rhythm, she has mastered their deliveries and channeled their blues notes, adding her own electricity.
"I don't hear what other people her when I sing," she says with a dimpled smile. Archie's meekneess isn't convincing, especially to those who packed the Comedy Caravan to celebrate her winter release from Soul LinQ Productions, He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear.
At that event, Archie covered the length of the stage, connecting with every person sardine-packed in the small venue. Periodically, she raised an index finger, possibly to her inspiration for the CD, which is a creative melange of traditional gospel with jazz and R&B. On the other hand, she could have ben pointing to the note that she propelled past the low ceiling , the one that brought people to their feet, screaming and throwing rolled-up programs to the stage.
Archie, a graduate of Male High School and the University of Louisville, remembers her first solo in 1986 at Greater Bethel Temple Church. Even then she was immune to anxiety. "I could envision myself there before I did it, so I just sang," she says. Since this debut, she has shared the stage with a Who's Who list of contemporary gospel music performers, including Vicki Winans, Karen Clark Sheard, Kim Burrell, Kurt Carr and Tonex.
She performed at gospel concerts in surrounding states this spring and will appear on the June 4 Crusade for Children telethon. For Archie, the packed schedule is joy, not frenzy. Singing, she sayas is " the gift that God has given me; it's what I do best."
He That Hath An Ear Let Him Hear is available at Joe's Music Vault, Better Days West, ear-X-tacy, and through her website,

- Asha French- Louisville Magazine

"Adrianne Archie will inspire you in many ways"

By Maisy Fernandez
Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Adrianne Archie wants to bring gospel music to people who wouldn't normally listen to it.
Adrianne Archie wants her music to have a message. And at 24, she's at a prime age to present her information in a way that will resonate with her peers. Dubbed "inspirational soul," Archie's music is aimed at college-aged individuals (although its suitable for someone of any age).

"You think you're trying to figure yourself out in high school, and you get to college and realize you don't know yourself that well," Archie said. "I want to be inspiring to people that age through something that is lyrically effective and motivating and musically fun."

Hence her recent release, "He That Hath an Ear, Let Them Hear."

"It's for people who never really wanted to give gospel music a chance," she said.


With sophisticated production and lush vocals, Archie's songs could fit into any contemporary radio playlist. "Lyrically, it is gospel, but not as you know it," said Archie, who works as a senior data analyst by day. "We've taken all kind of genres — hip-hop, R&B, jazz and soul."

Influenced by artists like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Kim Burrell, Archie said she writes songs that are easy for people to sing along with.


Click on the links below to listen to MP3 files from Adrianne Archie.

· It Is Well
· Way We Praise
· What A Fellowship

To save an mp3 file to your computer, right click on one of the links above and select "Save Target As...". You will get a "Save As" box where you can choose where to download the file.

"It is very smooth and it flows," she said. "You can work out to it, and you can listen to it in your car. We try to keep it exciting to listen to."


Archie has been singing since she was at least 6 years old. A member of Greater Bethel Temple, she participated in holiday plays and the church choir as a youth. As a student at the University of Louisville, she won six talent showcases between 1999 and 2003. UofL is also where she met Carlis Phillips, one-half of the local R&B duo Klientel, and producer Joel L. Goodwin, with whom she's been singing and working ever since. The three head up Soul LinQ Productions.

While Archie had opened shows for a variety of well-known inspirational artists, it was only after she scored her 2003 degree in business administration that she started making music more of a priority.

"Then I wanted to start on my project," she said. Archie recorded her album in about four months, then started pouring all of her paychecks into the finishing touches.


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"We sold over a thousand of them in less than seven weeks," she said. "Louisville welcomed it."

Lately, she's been traveling regionally to different colleges, universities and churches to perform. And while she is the lead marketing manager for Soul LinQ, she also does some engineering, vocal coaching, bio writing, accounting and a variety of other tasks.


In the coming months, Archie will continue traveling to promote her CD — and her message. In March, she'll head to Oklahoma to sing at the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World convention, and she's set to headline the entertainment for this year's WHAS Crusade for Children.

Archie is interested in picking up commercial and jingle work for radio, television and movies, and will continue her work with Soul LinQ. To keep track of her career, visit her website at

"Ultimately, I would love to coach other singers. I want to work on a second project," she said. "I would like (Soul LinQ) to grow as a company. We want to allow someone who wouldn't normally be able to make an album to do so."

Got a local band or singer you'd like to learn more about? E-mail your suggestions for Rock This Town to

- Maisy Fernandez

"G-Zone Review: Adrianne Archie-“HTHAELHH” Soul LinQ"

Gospel Neo-Soul is making some serious noise in the industry and it’s true ministry.

With the likes of newcomers can´ton Jones, lisa mcclendon and Leon Timbo look out for a new fresh women of God to bring some serious sounds to Gospel. Adrianne Archie, from Louisville, Kentucky…WHAT? And with a CD entitled, “HTHAELHH” WHAT? Oh well you will love the message and the music and I think that neosoul is going to touch a lot of listeners out there. Sit back and jam with the mellow cut, “Who Jesus Is”. Enjoy the heavy BEAT of “Always On Time” and the miracle story of Adrianne. Put your hands on this next dance cut, “It Is Well” Oooooh yeaaaah! I’m diggin’ the jam, “Praise Elevation”(Not long enough though!) but you better SING GIRL!! The one that deserves to pump up is “Way We Praise”, a nice smooth tight cut. I like this LP…look out for Miss Archie. Grace-n-Peace!

- Written by Bobby Parker

"National Recording Artist Releases Third Solo Album"

For more information contact:
Candice Johnson
Soul LinQ Productions
P.O. Box 21566
Louisville, KY 40221
(502) 718-6095 (cell)

September 29, 2009


LOUISVILLE, KY- Today is the official independent release of the highly anticipated third solo album for national recording artist, Adrianne Archie. The album entitled, HSMS (Heart Soul Mind & Strength) is a project that has been in the works for more than four years and Archie shows no signs of slowing down.

Archie is set to hit the road to Grand Rapids, Michigan this weekend to promote her album.

“It is my hope to challenge the world, in the face of busyness, crisis, hurt and selfishness, to live a more holistically healthy lifestyle.”

Archie will be headed back to Louisville after this weekend and then off to Nashville to share HSMS with others.

Archie celebrated the release of HSMS at the album release party, held last Friday at Mom’s Music in Jeffersonville, IN. Her friends and fellow artists, Nemo and Darnell Levine helped warmed the crowd and set the atmosphere for Archie to come and blaze the stage. Supporters came from near and far to celebrate with Archie and enjoyed her live singing.

Today, Archie will be at Jazzyblu Café & Lounge, 815 W. Market for a live lunch and will have CDs for sale. HSMS can also be purchased online at Amazon, iTunes, and CDbaby.

For interview and photographic opportunities and/or more information, please contact Carlis Phillips, (502) 586-6130 or Candice Johnson, (502) 718-6095, or visit

- Courier Journal- Louisville, KY

"National Recording Artist Holds Indie Release Party"

For more information contact:
Candice Johnson
Soul LinQ Productions
P.O. Box 21566
Louisville, KY 40221
(502) 718-6095 (cell)

September 21, 2009


LOUISVILLE, KY- National recording artist and local “home girl”, Adrianne Archie is holding an indie release party for the much anticipated release of her third album HSMS (Heart Soul Mind & Strength). The release party is Friday, September 25 at Mom’s Music in Jeffersonville, IN.

Archie fans have been waiting for almost three years to hear another blazing project and this one is sure to please and broaden the fan base. Listeners will be treated to the infusion of soul, jazz, pop, rock, r & b, contemporary gospel and hip hop throughout the album and encouraged by Archie’s message of love and healing.

“I feel blessed, excited, charged, like crying, laughing and praising God all at the same time..the message of HSMS gives my life purpose,” said Archie.

The HSMS indie release date is Tuesday, September 29 and can be purchased online through Amazon, iTunes, and CDbaby. The official international release of HSMS will be in the first quarter of 2010. But fans do not have to wait until next Tuesday to grab the album—they can come celebrate with Archie at the release party on Friday. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and admission is free with the purchase of HSMS for $15. Mom’s Music is located at 1710 East 10th Street, Jeffersonville, IN.

For interview and photographic opportunities and/or more information, please contact Carlis Phillips, (502) 586-6130 or Candice Johnson, (502) 718-6095, or visit

- Candice Johnson


-Adrianne Archie, "Heart Soul Mind and Strength," 2009
-Adrianne Archie, "Warm Winter," 2006
-Adrianne Archie, "He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear", 2004
-Klientel, "Daily Trade", 2004

Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Kim Burrell, D’Angelo
Six Flags Gospel Unity Fest
Opened for: Kim Burrell, Witness and Detric Haddon 2004
Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers 2004
Kevin James and GLV Featuring Walter Hawkins 2005
TRUTH from The Crossmovement 2005
Shea Norman 2005
Stephen Hurd 2005

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
International Pentecostal Young People’s Union
As a Praise and Worship Team and Teen Choir member-
Opened for: Vicki Winnans, Karen Clark-Sheard, Fred Hammond 2001, James Hall and Youthful Praise 2002

Background for: Tonex and Marvin Sapp 2002/2003

Soul LinQ LLC
Opened with Klientel for: Remy Shand, Ruff Endz and Nappy Roots 2001
Background and Co-writer for: Klientel- Album-Daily Trade- 2004

2004: 1st prize vocalist winner of the Spike Davis- “Can You Rock the Mic” competition
1999-2003: Six Time University of Louisville Talent Showcase Winner
1999: 1st place overall performance singing “Home” and 2nd place vocalist in the nation at the New York City National Choral Performance Competition as Dorothy, from the movie The Wiz
1993-1997: Youngest soloists and actor in hit stage plays: “You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down,” “Before You Get To Me, You Gotta Get To God,” and “J.O.B”



It has been said that, either the sky is the limit or the limit is the sky. In the case of Louisville native, Adrianne Archie, now 28, the limitations of life are left up to God. Creating a buzz about her talent and music as early as the age of six, her life and career as a singer has been inevitable. Adrianne spent her formative years developing her gifts by singing at conventions, in churches, plays, and talent shows. After completing her undergraduate education in marketing, she immediately began performing on local music projects with Soul LinQ Productions artists, which led way for her to work on her debut CD HTHAELHH (He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear). Upon it’s release, HTHAELHH quickly became and independent success. The CD garnered the rare combination of critical acclaim, popularity with consumers and respect from established industry artists. Drawing from genre influences such as gospel, hip-hop, r&b, and neo-soul, Archie was able to gracefully reach a wide range of listeners. Adrianne’s albums HTHAELLH and Warm Winter, a seasonal album released in the 2006, have been best sellers with many online retailers. HTHAELHH still holds the record for best selling neo-soul CD at and also received the Best New Artists and Best Female Artists awards from the Urban Gospel Alliance. Along with Kirk Franklin’s Hero, Archie’s album was the only other artists’ album to receive a 5 star rating by Gospel Today Magazine. Upon its release and even now, 5 years later, the CD is still a staple on both gospel radio stations and XM Satellite Radio. These acclamations attest to the relevance and longevity of Ms. Archie’s music.

True artists with longevity learn to evolve and grow. Adrianne’s upcoming release of HSMS-Heart, Soul Mind & Strength, is evolution to the fullest. Taking its name from Luke 10:27 which reads: He answered: “Love the Lord your God with all our heart and with all your soul, and with all you strength and with all your mind, Love your neighbor as yourself.” “You have answered correctly,” Jesus replied. “Do this and you will live.” is a call to wholistic living through healthy relationships with both God and man.

Slightly off the scene but not off track, for the past 3 years, Adrianne has studied this closely in seminary receiving a Masters of Arts in Christian Education in the Fall of 2009. Adrianne has once again teamed up with long time producer Joel Goodwin to create this 3rd album. The music and lyrics reflect the HSMS theme by utilizing genres such as soul, pop, hip-hop, jazz, r&b, and contemporary Christian, to reflect such life settings as the church, social outings, traveling, exercising and relaxation. Adrianne refers to this as music for the car, crib, club, cardio, and church. Early anticipation and reviews for the release of HSMS indicate that Adrianne is on to something huge and the limitations that are usually placed on artists will be met and surpassed by far. Now that those with “ears have heard, they will respond in love, with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.