Adrian Niles Band

Adrian Niles Band

 Shadyside, Ohio, USA


Adrian Niles Band has been performing original music for nearly 20 years. Based out of Ohio, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia, Adrian Niles band is multi-faceted, playing genres of Americana, blues, folk and rock. Since 1998 Niles has released four full length C.D.'s. The first record, "Manumit", while being promoted on Pittsburgh's WDVE 102.5, Niles was invited to the Morning Show with Jim and Randy to perform live. In 2007, Niles co-fronted "The Trainjumpers" and released the C.D. "Deadtown". The title track recieved quite a bit of airplay and earned 42 out of 100 songs for Wheeling, WV Clear Channel radio station Eagle 107.5 FM. Adrian left the band that summer and started recording his third record, "Things Gonna Break", of which he produced and recorded. The latest C.D. , "Ghost Road", harkens back to the rock sounds of the late 90's Adrian Niles Band.


Wrong Way

Written By: Adrian Niles

Well the more I miss ya the less of a man I become
Tried to forget you with rock & roll, women and rum
Everybody says I’m doin’ it wrong
Well I cried some for ya but I’m all dried up

Under a dirty dusk all the dogs are barkin’
And the lonesome whistle of a train a-talkin’
Tried to love you but it was never enough
Maybe it made me weak, maybe it make me tough

Everybody’s always walkin’ away
Everybody’s always walkin’ away
But if your shadow’s beside you then you’re heading the wrong way

When the night gets long and your mind gets numb
When you can sense the silence but you can’t get none
When there’s a ringin’ in your ear from all the lies you told
And you got things to cling to but nothin’ to hold...Chorus

Wrong way, toward the rising that you’ll soon fall from
Wrong way, to a life that’ll leave you on the run...wrong way

Well they’re hollow and fragile things you gave me
All the honesty and memories baby
They flicker in the night, but they face ‘fore the daylight shines
Well I’d cry some for you but the tears ain’t mine...Chorus, Bridge

Rich Mama

Written By: Adrian Niles

Holed up all night with the last rite
The words don’t come and my rich mama moans
Well I held up like a staff and I performed to the light
Excuses get pondered while my rich mama moans
Roaming through sad facts and an identity crisis
If only I could make my reflection dance
Style and substance hang out awhile
And I’m strokin’ my rich mama

Weird thoughts cling to my brain wired
I fold my arms and my rich mama sings
I hear through the din intentions transpire
I listen real close as my rich mama sings
Haunted by goodness as evil remarks
Whats there to this place when the matter gets lost
Well I wait in the corner entrenched by the guilt
Lovin’ my rich mama
My rich mama’s hot like a rail and cool like a river
She could damn me to Hell or stand and deliver
Well I’m sometimes her foe but she’s always my friend
And I’m lovin’ my rich mama

Brought down again by arrows of fire
quoted by enemies as my rich mama speaks
Handed a bill for what my allies require
I empty my pockets while my rich mama sleeps
If blues was gold I be a wealthy man
If silver was salvation I could do as I please
But she’ll never endow me not one piece of coin
But I’m lovin’ my rich mama...Chorus

Lonesome Tom

Written By: Adrian Niles

Lonesome Tom and his brother Jack, ramblin’ along the railroad track
Jack says, “Tom I’ve got a sweet song, for a girl with a pretty name.
Let’s find a little town and rest,
Find a greasy spoon and get a good breakfast,
Maybe I find me a pretty waitress,
And do some serenading”

Tom says, “Brother you’re a quarter way cocked, you couldn’t sing a convict out of a jail that ain’t locked
Ain’t no trouble in this world unless a man goes lookin’, You best keep your britches on.
Besides I already found us a notion,
We’ll take the track till we can smell the ocean,
Far away from this locomotion,
In some harbor town”

Oh Lordy my, Oh Lordy my
What a man’s got to do to survive
Oh honey girl don’t let me down
I’ll be lookin’ for you all around

“Brother Tom ma didn’t make you no boss and daddy’d knock ya down at the first sign of cross
Better think awhile, before you try and make the rules, or trouble will find you.
A sweet little thing could be waitin’ for me,
Maybe the next town up, maybe you’ll see,
I sing her my song and she’ll marry me,
And I’ll leave you to wonder by yourself”.

Tom smiled and said, “Pup let your brain catch up, You’re a poor man with a heart even I couldn’t corrupt
How you gonna make a bride without no work? Besides, you couldn’t get along without me”.
“I know you’re lonely and I’ll have to agree,
It would be nice to hold something lovely,
But right now I got you and you got me,
And brother they don’t do that”...Chorus

Jack thought, “It ain’t right and it ain’t fair, to ramble till we smell the salt in the air”.
He said, “I’m gonna find work sure as the sun shines in the morning, and quit these wary ways”.
“Jack you can settle for your white trash women,
While you’re workin’ for her mortgage, I’ll be swimmin’
With no bindin’ ties in the sunlight glimmerin’,
Cause I’ll be a free man”.

Well the wind got strong as they moved along and Tom got to figurin’ maybe he was all wrong
He said, “ I been dog lonesome for so many years, I don’t want Jack to end up like me”.
Jack says, “I ain’t sayin’ that you’re all wrong brother,
But sometimes you’ve got to give a chance to another,
Someone ‘ll claim you and you’ll recover,
Somewhere along the way”...Chorus

Splittin’ up is what they did that night, With no more fuss and no more fight
Jack cried a tear and he said, ‘I’ll be alright’, as he nestled down ‘neath a pine.
Tom kept on with his westward ways
Tellin’ himself he find better days
Preparing and conditioning for his union with the clay,
Hoping first to find some happiness

Well, there ain’t no life without a sweet song, and it’s hard to find something if you can’t move along
Ain’t nobody right and ain’t nobody wrong,
For brothers like Jack and lonesome Tom...Chorus

Dead Letter

Written By: Adrian Niles

Got a dead letter gonna send it to you somewhere
Got a hot temper and a cold chill
Made a mountain baby around a din of lies
Got a dead letter gonna make you cry

Got a storm watch all around my house
Got a thirst for anger and a scathing mouth
Made some memories but they all got burned
Got a dead letter that won't be returned

Paper money and coins I got some to spend
Not sure how much on what or when
Made it I suppose workin' hard for you I guess
Got this dead letter but no address

Got a dead letter and I keep walkin' streets
Find me a dead letter office and satisfy me
I made a mile then two now it feels like ten thousand
Now this dead letter gonna go to wherever your house is

Dela Croix

Written By: Adrian Niles

I’m my papa’s grandson, I’m my father’s boy,
I’m my mother’s child and my Lord’s Joy.
He wants me back, me to follow.
Pray for me strength... de la croix

Well, I was struck down stranded, on deserted trails.
Dirty damned and locked in jails,
Bars they clang, from the winds that blow.
Pray for me wisdom, I too know.

Well, I made my bed once, and it stayed made.
I fashioned comfort, but I never laid.
It haunts me daily, the things I’ve done.
Pray that I shall forget, even only one...Chorus

Well my mind it wanders, and my heart holds back
My body sleeps and the fear attacks
And when I’m ridden with the worlds turmoil
Pray forgiveness and the Lord’s joy...Chorus

Hard Crimes

Written By: Adrian Niles

I set out for leaving, scattered love in ruins
But with hurtin’ on my heart, It was hard to tell what I was doing
We got a long black shadowy past but there’s mercy a brewin’
Desire has gone for warmer weather, while the yearning’s settled in
Thoroughfares are filled with sweat, blood and dreams
Where broken promises were never meant to mean anything
And as we tear down everything that once shook in the wind
We pay for the spoils of our hard crimes

A foul tongue and foul taste on the tip of fate
A long day, a longer night for us to lay here in wait
Well I’m stripping the wire, pretending to love what I hate
You may have come for what you needed, but you stayed too late
You ain’t the same woman that I fell in with
I’ve grown mean with the years, a little colder and stiff
And as we tear down everything that once shook in the wind
We pay for the spoils of our hard crimes

Don’t you toil with me honey, making a home a cage
I’ve laid down for that lion before and paid a handsome wage
Well I’ve hustled with my harlequin heart another sin on another page
I’ve conquered many, from weak to wild, I was all the rage
But we’ve got a big house in the distant blue yonder
Where we can hide from it all and let our love grow stronger
As we tear down everything that once shook in the wind
We pay for the spoils of our hard crimes


1998-Manumit (Received airplay on Pittsburgh's WDVE 102.5)
2007-Adrian Niles w/ The Trainjumpers (Title track 'Deadtown" received regional airplay "regular rotation" on Eagle 107.5 fm)
2008-Things Gonna Break
2010-Ghost Road

Set List

Original Music:

Come Sundown
Ghost Road
Rich Mama
Hard Crimes
Way To Go
Here I Stand
Through & Through
The Saboteur
Everything Is Alright
Middle Of America
Wrong Way
Dead Letter
Things Gonna Break
Pretty Side Of Pain
Lonesome Tom
Same Road
De La Croix
Burn It Up
In The Evening
Don't Wanna See
Recovery Blues
Chasing The Setting Sun
Ain't Gonna Lose Ya This Time
Working Man's Farewell


Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Can't Be Satisfied
Stormy Monday
Smokestack Lightning
Further on Up the Road
Key To the Highway
Sixteen Tons
Come on in my Kitchen
Phone Call From Leavenworth
Love in Vain
It Hurts Me Too
Takes a lot To Laugh
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Statesboro Blues
Early in The Morning
God's Got It