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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Electronic




"Six bands representing Windsor at Canadian Music Week"

Adriel James Oran, who performs as Adriel, released a new EP called Night Logic last week and he said he’s looking forward to playing every song from that album.

“It’s one of those things where it’s a dream to play on stage at an event like that and of course anything can happen,” said Oran. “I would love for it to be an opportunity to open a lot of doors and connections because you never know who’s going to be there listening.” -

"8.8 out of 10 Review of Night Logic from "I Am Entertainment Magazine""

Adriel is ready for a major record deal and his Billboard pop charts debut. An amazingly
talented singer, musician, and songwriter, Adriel’s talent shines brightly on his new EP –
Night Logic; a synth-pop/new wave push that exceeded my expectations. Far beyond the
“standards” in pop music, Adriel’s music kicks to the beat of its own drum. Night Logic
resides somewhere between Wang Chung, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and a hint of Michael
Jackson, emitting a unique sound that can best be described as, “synthesized dream

Of the five tracks on this EP, Perfect Strangers, is the one with lead radio single written
all over it. I’ve learned in my 21 years of producing/working with Grammy-winning writers
and artists like Usher that the best barometer for picking a first single in pop music is
always women and young girls. They’re the primary buyers of this kind of music and are
thus, more likely to help the artist achieve a heightened level of success. So, I played
Adriel’s EP for my wife and seven year old daughter (at separate times), and as
suspected, they each picked Perfect Strangers as their favorite. Not to take anything
away from the lead single, Cry Wolf, but Perfect Strangers made a connection with my
entire household thanks to the music, melodies, and subject matter. This song has a
perfect blend of funk, soul, and pop music not heard from most male pop artists these

Perfect Strangers aside, Adriel’s entire Night Logic EP is a very strong release that will
surely resonate with a core audience of female pop/soul/new wave music fans. It’s only a
matter of time before Adriel’s music makes its way into the ears of a top A&R; and when it
does, the worlds going to know all about this rising young star in the making.

EP Track List
1) Logical Lovers
2) Perfect Strangers
3) Cry Wolf (lead single)
4) Angel of Mine
5) Saturday - I AM ENTERTAINMENT Magazine

"Chartburst feature on "Adriel" for his #1 Charting Pop Song"

Use of the term “D.I.Y.” has increased exceedingly as technology has evolved, and this century has in part been characterised by solo artists who often perform on stage hunched behind some form of computer and a mixing desk. GarageBand and similar software made it possible for bands and artists to do away with expensive studio time and experienced producers, and play around with crafting professional sounding material from their own bedroom/rehearsal space. D.I.Y. no longer refers to scratchy indie bands whose music sounds as though it was recorded on a Walkman from the back of a cave.

Quite what technology Adriel has at his disposal we don’t know, but what we can be sure of is that it works, and that his music, although it may sound otherwise, could feasibly be described using the aforementioned term. Writing, recording and producing his own material, the 24 year-old has already been featured on several local TV shows and built a sizeable fanbase, and listening these tunes, this should come as no surprise.

Take the chart-topping ‘All To Yourself’ as a prime example. In a blindfold test, it’s likely that most would believe that this track was the work of a team rather than just one guy, and that it was carefully pieced together and neatly finished off in a plush recording studio by an established pop producer. One stand-out aspect of this song is that it’s not engineered to make a quick buck; the aim here is to give us modern, slightly urban sounding pop music that shuns any novelty factors and doesn’t hop on any passing bandwagons. For labels seeking a potential new star, it might just be worth giving Adriel a shot. He won’t cost a packet to get up to scratch, he’s done that himself. In fact, given his talents, you could say he’s something of a cheap date! - Chartburst

"8.1/10 Review of "Night Logic" from "Now Spinning" Music Blog"

"Heaven knows I want your trouble." Adriel must have taken a page out of GaGa's book, circa 2009 (Bad Romance). It is to desire a person you know is not a fit in your life, but then there's the beauty of not caring. The second track on Night Logic, "Perfect Strangers", echoes this sentiment. Ah, to be young. I wouldn't know this, but I'm sure people in their late 20's and 30's are a lot more choosey about their partners. But this track reminds us that it's acceptable to admit we crave what we don't necessarily need, or what may end up damaging us. It's early in the dating stage, who cares? The burning bridge will be crossed downstream.

Adriel is beguiled with double layered vocals. Depending on what genre you belong to, this can occasionally be a downfall. But it's complimentary in this instance, compiled with synth-pop dance tracks, it all feels grandiose. Take, for instance, "Angel of Mine". The record's true ballad. Incorporate piano, synth, and violin? What? Here's the thing though: it works. Occasionally Adriel's falsetto feels a bit unnatural, but there's enough approbative content here to override it. Minus the percussion, this track is reminiscent of Sara Bareilles's "Gravity".

He finally lets loose on "Saturday", with references to drinks, texts, and karaoke. Hell, there's even a "yeah, right" thrown in for good measure. But, yes, there's the extremely infuriating instance in which a person you adore only seems to long for you in certain situations. In this case, it's on Saturday nights. Not during the week, not after the gym, not after or before class, just on Saturday nights after the tipsy stage has been reached. In simpler terms: when it's convenient. "It's like you know you won't lose me" has never been more correctly spoken. Scoffing ensues. Here's what you should do. In mid-March, when the weather is still cold and winter has gotten to you mentally and you're barely hanging on, give Night Logic a spin. It should do a serviceable job of transporting you to a beach side street with the sun shining.

While only referring to it in "Saturday", alcohol has to be thought of when enjoying this EP. Not to drink away it's shortcomings, but rather to celebrate the fact that these tracks are laced with ideas that would be contemplated after a few beverages. Which makes the title of the EP all the more appropriate. In all rectitude, this arrangement of music would be the perfect soundtrack to a group juncture on a summer evening. Everyone's feeling free, they've got their hands in the air. When faced with all of this, it's less about the lyrics you're hearing and more about the feelings the music is evoking in you. It may not sound like it on first listen, but in comparison to it's verses, "Cry Wolf" delivers a bit of a gut punch for a hook. And there's an illustration of Adriel's falsetto on a direct hit. And despite the earlier-noted misstep on "Angel of Mine", it stands out as the highlight on Night Logic. It's chorus is so well-constructed and effortless that it's worth the price of admission for the whole project.

Okay then, so what's the commodious improvement on this EP? It takes more chances than its predecessors. All to Yourself and Adriel just don't match this intensity. And for all intents and purposes, it makes Night Logic somewhat difficult to follow up.

Album rating: 8.1/10 - Now Spinning

"Radio Interview"

At the 35 minute mark Adriel talks about upcoming EP plans and promotes his single "All To Yourself". - Wayne State Radio

"YouTube Cover boy"

A University of Windsor Psychology Major has landed a record deal after posting videos on YouTube. - Windsor Star

"Artist of the Month Nomination"

Nominated for Artist of the Month for October 2012 - Star Central Magazine


"Night Logic" - Released April 24th, 2015

All To Yourself EP Reloaded - August 2014

Night Logic - October 2014



Adriel is a 25 year old musician who writes, produces, and records his own material. Adriel has also amassed 2.3+ Million views on YouTube while being featured on several local TV shows and media outlets. He is also a recent University graduate majoring in Psychology.

Adriel was also one of the first acts chosen to launch YouTube's first ever "YouTube Digitour"

His style is an eclectic one, that ranges from dance and club tracks to acoustic and folk renditions. His biggest influences include The Beatles, Elvis, Rihanna, Max Martin, Kanye West, Drake and Daft Punk (plus many more).

His single "All To Yourself" was released for sale and download on August 7th, 2014 through various online outlets and currently has more than 30,000+ views alone. 

The self titled EP "All To Yourself" was also released on the same day.

Adriel is currently finishing his follow up EP entitled "Night Logic" for release Friday, April 24th.

His debut music video for "Cry Wolf" was released February 11th, 2015 and has gained 20,000+ views already.

He has also performed at Canadian Music Week 2015 in May 2015.

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